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Guilty Minds Web Series Download in Telegram

Guilty Minds Web Series Download in Telegram: Interlocking plots and subplots involving lawyers and their clients run all through Guilty Minds.

A ten-part web series that dramatizes as many court cases and straddles a fascinatingly wide range of contemporary themes.

Each trial that the series showcases probes questions of both morality and legality with a keen and mellow sense of drama.

Guilty Minds Web Series Download in Telegram

Movie Name: Guilty Minds
Directed By: Shefali Bhushan
Release Date: 22 April, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

A Mumbai movie actress accuses a celebrated filmmaker of rape. Video game addiction leads a 19-year-old Delhi college boy to commit a heinous act. In a water-scarce village in Maharashtra, locals battle a cola bottling plant.

From the weighty to the knotty, Guilty Minds moves further afield in search of reality-inspired stories.

Three young men take a dating app to court for making false promises. The founder of a fertility clinic, a rebel with a cause, fights dismissal from her own company on the grounds of “misconduct and behavioural issues”.

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Another IVF clinic conducts illegal sex determination tests under the cover of genetic testing.

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In Mumbai, a veteran music composer (played by Shakti Kapoor) sues an app developer for stealing their music via algorithms.

A court hears the case of a driverless car that causes a fatal accident on a Delhi-Gurgaon.

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On an even more serious, almost political, note, Guilty Minds incorporates a case of an employee of a private security agency who knows too much about his company’s malpractices in the Chambal region.

Although this segment of the series is purely fictional and plot details make no reference to government outfits, its resonances are eerily real and evoke the spectre of state-sponsored atrocities and fake encounters in conflict zones.

The subjects may, on the face of it, sound dry and dreary, but the legal drama series created and directed by Shefali Bhushan is anything but.

Guilty Minds Web Series Download

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Guilty Minds hinges principally on two families, one of three generations of successful lawyers, the other of a reputed and upright judge, around whom orbit an array of breakers and defenders of the law.