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Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p: A Commander in Chief and his feelings. This historical film is about the life of Hansaji Mohite who was Sarsenpati aka Commander for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj.

The film is mainly on his life when he becomes the commander till his death. His emotions have been shown well in the film.

Pravin Tarde’s Sarsenapati Hambirrao (2022) must be the 177th historical action drama from the Maratha cinematic universe. Frankly, I have lost count and have no desire to crosscheck.

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Hambirrao
Directed By: Pravin Tarde
Release Date: May 27, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Given the plethora of films on Maratha history over the past few years, this film on Hambirrao Mohite, a truly unsung warrior of the seventeenth-century kingdom, was, perhaps, inevitable.

Till now, inevitability does not guarantee creativity. If you have watched at least a couple of the recent films on Maratha history, rest assured you have watched Sarsenapati Hambirrao.

A Maratha super warrior whose life revolves around his god and king, a few loyal soldiers whose main job seems to be to praise the lead, unnecessarily loud background music, cruel Mughal (or Adilshahi) troops scared stiff of Maratha soldiers outnumbered five to one, rousing speeches on swarajya (independence) every few minutes.

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download in 480p

Bahirji Naik’s musical exposition using the ‘lok geet’ form to explain a plan, laughing as loudly as possible even during a simple exchange, we have seen all this in the recently released flicks.

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And we get to see it again (not for the last time, I am sure) in Sarsenapati Hambirrao, with the bonus of some excruciatingly loud melodrama.

That is not to say none of the above ever happened. While actor-director Tarde, who has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues, has added an element of fiction to make it more palatable for the audience, the film is based on historical events.

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download Filmyzilla

But the question is why filmmakers are unable to come up with innovative ways to show these incidents. How many times do we have to watch the same tropes being employed?

Tarde’s film covers a period of nearly 13 years from Shivaji’s coronation in 1674, when he officially took the title Chhatrapati, to Hambirrao’s death in 1687. Hambirrao served under Shivaji as well as his son and successor Sambhaji after the founder of the Marathi kingdom died in 1680.

The film is set during the mid to late 17th century. We are introduced to the cold-blooded Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (Mohan Joshi), who is about to reward Sarja Khan (Raqesh Bapat) for killing the Maratha empire’s military commander.

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Then the film runs in a flashback and we are introduced to an unsung hero, Hansaji Mohite, also popularly known as Sarsenapati Hambirrao (Pravin Tarde) as per the name given to him by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Right after taking over as military commander, Hambirao successfully led an expedition to plunder Bahadurgarh (Pedgaon Fort) with his unusual but effective methods.

After the death of Shivaji Maharaj (Gashmir Mahajani), he continues his post under Sambhaji Maharaj and dies a warrior who remains loyal to his Swarajya and the king till his last breath.

Fresh from Dharmaveer, I had high expectations from Pravin Tarde for this one and that’s where I was slightly pushed back. Be it Dharmaveer or his Mulshi Pattern, Tarde had a watertight script in his hand, which was on point.

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download in 1080p

Here, our beloved man starts off well but loses tracks at several points. At points, it becomes more of a film based on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with Hambirrao becoming just a supporting character. It feels like much more of Hambirrao could have been shown.

In Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji, the titular character was given full space. Even if we talk about the Marathi blockbuster Pawankhind, other characters were given more importance, so it looked like a film based on one particular chapter from Maratha history.

Here, the focus gets lost in bits and pieces, and then again the main character of Hambirrao takes over.

Hambirrao Mohite Movie Download

If we neglect weak points, the film presents events like the loot of Bahadurgad and a conflict between Marathas and Portuguese in an engaging cinematic manner.