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Hawa Movie Download Link 720p Filmyzilla Filmywap

Hawa Movie Download Link 720p Filmyzilla Filmywap: After divorce, a woman moves to a hut in the forest with her daughters and brother. However, she soon encounters paranormal activities around her and has to deal with the spirits of criminals.

The film, starring big names like Chanchal Chowdhury, Sariful Razz, Nazifa Tushi, Shohel Mondol, Nasir Uddin Khan and Sumon Anowar in crucial roles, hit Bangladeshi virtual space with a storm right after its teaser and trailer release about a month ago.

The film’s promotional tracks “Shada Shada Kala Kala” and Meghdol’s “E Hawa” struck a chord with Bangladeshi film lovers and were hovering in the top 5 spots on YouTube’s trending list for Bangladesh.

Hawa Movie Download Link 720p Filmyzilla

The film’s promotional campaign and strategy were unlike anything we have seen in the recent Bangladeshi film scene.

“Hawa” is the debut film of acclaimed and popular Bangladeshi director Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, who also happens to be a talented musician of the popular Bangladeshi band Meghdol.

It was under development since 2016 and die-hard fans of the filmmaker were eagerly waiting for it to hit the theatres since then.

Hawa Movie Download 720p

The six-month-long production finally began in 2019. However, the shooting was postponed for a long time due to the pandemic.

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Another common complaint we regularly hear about Bangladeshi films is their approach to sound. “Hawa” probably is the first Bangladeshi film that had a fairly decent 5.1 surround sound mix.

The sound design, done by Anirban Ganguly and Meghdol guitarist Rasheed Sharif Shoaib, has successfully created a proper soundscape which is bound to give you a feeling of life on a deep sea fishing troller.

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The film was controversial from its inception, as it was the first film to deal with the human consequences resulting from the 1947 partition of India.

This action, ordered by British Lord Mountbatten, split India into religious coalitions, with India remaining Hindi and the new country of Pakistan serving as a refuge for Muslims.

Despite its controversial subject matter the film was initially accepted by a commercial producer, but then pressure and fear of the critical and governmental reception of such a work led to a rapid withdrawal of the offer.

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Sathyu turned to the government sponsored Film Financing Corporation (FFC) for support. This agency was created as an alternative for filmmakers seeking financing for work which was not commercially embraced by institutional distributors.

Its aim was to free these artists from the dominance of loan agencies and their control of film content. Sathyu secured FFC financing and his film, based on an unpublished story by Marxist activist Ismat Chughtai, was completed in the city of Agra.

The production of the film was plagued by a smattering of public protests; ultimately, Sathyu had to divert attention from his actual locations by using a fake second unit crew and sending them out with an unloaded camera.

Hawa Movie Download Filmywap

The dialogues were properly recorded and did not feel out of sync from the actors’ lips, which is a common issue in most mainstream Bangladeshi films. The music was done by Rasheed Sharif Shoaib and Emon Choudhury also complimented most of the scenes in the film.

Almost 20-25 audience members went in front of the screen to dance and the entire theatre started singing when the track “Shada Shada Kala Kala” started.

What amazed me was that Meghdol’s latest track “E Hawa,” which was part of the viral promotion campaign of the film, was not used in the film.