Honsla Rakh Full Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p

Oct 16, 2021 Featured

Honsla Rakh Full Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p

Shehnaaz Gill, Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa’s much awaited film ‘Honsala Rakh’ has finally hit the big screen. For those who went in with zero expectations, well…it’s fun and predictable to watch, however fun it is!

The film balances its drama with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to keep the humor intact. And while the fun never shied away, the story also never shied away from its plot.

Full Name: Rakh Honsla
Release Year: 2021
Duration:2 Hours +
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A turn of events leaves Diljit (Yankee Singh) a single father, confused, emotional and anxious to raise his son alone – feelings that fathers experience for the first time.

He knows he has no one to support and his dreams where he wanted to live his life a certain way – free of family responsibilities – have gone for a toss now that he has a child to take care of.

Honsla Rakh Full Movie Download Filmywap 480p

Shehnaaz Gill (Sweetie) is the woman who will prioritize her ambitions over the unplanned child – her decision, not to be questioned!

How this kid turns everyone’s life upside down and how these individuals still try to live their lives – that’s the story involved. No message, no statement, simple entertainment and lots of drama!

The Honsla Rakh movie starts with Diljit Dosanjh and Shehnaaz Gill then later Shehnaaz Gill is seen with Baby Bump then Shehnaaz refuses to take custody of that child and later Diljit Dosanjh shows that he has seen that child. He kept it with him and named him.

“Honsala” hence the name of the film will be titled Honsla Rakh and later we saw Sonam Bajwa making a stunning entry in the role of Shehnaaz Gill later on.

So as per our point of view, this movie is going to be a romantic and comedy-type story and the entry of Shehnaaz Kaur Gill is very natural, we really love to see Shehnaaz Gill smile and we also hope that Shehnaaz Gill fans will show a lot. I would love it when this film hits the theaters on October 15, 2021.

Here we share some moments from the movie, for more details you can watch the movie from youtube, OTT, Theater and also share your review in below comment box.

Honsala Rakh is Diljit Dosanjh’s daring film, where he presents a beautiful performance of a father (Yankee Singh) who raises himself after the death of his wife Shehnaaz Gill (Sweety) after giving birth to his son.

Apart from daddy duties, Yankee loves to party, but he had to avoid it because his son Shinda Grewal (Honsala) said no! See, how is their bonding. This is the first time we see Diljit in lead roles with a young boy.

Honsla Rakh Full Movie Download

The father-son duo is wonderful! They are friends and share a strong bond. In fact, Yankee is someone who has no friends and loves to play with his son.

There is something about Diljit, he is really funny and people really like him. They listen to his songs on loop and watch his movies again and again, ensuring that they break box-office records.