Hungama 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi by Filmywap

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Hungama 2 Full Movie Download in Hindi by Filmywap

Hungama 2 is the story of a man who gets into trouble after Purva Jwala enters his house and causes ‘Hungama’. Akash Kapoor (Meezaan Jaffrey) lives with his father, Colonel Kapoor (Ashutosh Rana), sister, his brother’s children and a butler, Nandan (Tiku Talsania). He works in an office and his colleague is Anjali (Shilpa Shetty Kundra), a family friend.

He is married to Radhe Shyam Tiwari (Paresh Rawal), a good lawyer who always suspects that Anjali is cheating on him. Akash is about to marry a girl named Simran, daughter of Kapoor’s friend MG Bajaj (Manoj Joshi). All is going well for Akash, until one day his ex-girlfriend, Vaani (Pranita Subhash) comes to his house with her daughter Gehna.

They claim that while they were dating and studying in college, Akash got her pregnant and then ran away. Akash at first refuses to believe that he knows Vaani. But later, he admitted that they were in a relationship. But he assures Colonel Kapoor that Gehana is not his daughter. Kapoor doesn’t know who to believe.

DNA test is done which proves that Akash is the father. Kapoor is devastated after Akash’s engagement with Simran was fixed. He keeps Vaani Bakshi and hides it from everyone else until he finds out the truth. Meanwhile, Akash still claims that he is not the father and approaches Anjali for help.

Anjali meets Kapoor to discuss the matter. Kapoor requests Anjali not to tell anyone about Vaani and Gehna, not even Radhe. he agreed. When she goes home, she lies when Radhe asks where did she go. Radhe then secretly follows her and overhears her conversation with Akash. Both are discussing about pregnancy and baby. Radhe assumes that Anjali is pregnant with Akash’s child. What happens next becomes the rest of the film.

Priyadarshan’s story is promising and has all the ingredients for a solid, complex entertainer he is famous for. But Yunus Sajwal’s screenplay spoils the show. Story is everywhere. There are too many characters and subplots and are not stitched together well. Beyond that, logic takes a backseat. This usually happens in comedy films but here it reaches to an unbelievable level. Manisha Korde and Anukalpa Goswami’s dialogues try their best to contribute humor and drama but it is not up to the desired level.

Priyadarshan’s direction is average. They have a bad script and that further dilutes the impact. In the past, he has excelled with humor where there are too many characters and misunderstandings. How he manages to execute the craziness smoothly despite the challenges, which used to be his USP.

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The filmmaker tries to replicate his formula but is not successful. The basic plot is such that the film could have been funny from start to finish. But the humor is weak and the funny situations are few and far between. He doesn’t even do justice to some subplots. Even the answer to the mystery behind Vaani’s sudden appearance at the Kapoor family residence is silly. Positively, a few scenes here and there manage to raise the laughs but obviously that’s not enough.

Hungama 2 starts off on a dull and serious note. The track of Gagan Chandra D’Costa (Johnny Lever) and the kids brings some laughs. But the kids then disappear and re-emerge in the second half. It is clear from this that things are going to happen randomly in the film.

Some of the scenes that stand out and are really funny are Nandan discussing the contents of the DNA report and Popat Jamal (Rajpal Yadav) claiming to be Vaani’s husband. Popat also single-handedly contributes humor to the climax. But as mentioned earlier, this was not enough. Ideally, the entire film should have been as hilarious as the first part.

Meezaan Jaffrey is absolutely fine. The actors try their best but their comic timing is not right in some scenes. This kind of role requires a far more talented actor. Pranitha Subhash does a confident act and leaves an impression. Shilpa Shetty looks ravishing and proves that she can still put up a good performance.

Sadly, his screen time is limited. Paresh Rawal’s track is funny but the humour is weak. Performance wise, he is first class. Ashutosh Rana’s role is long and strong. He goes a little overboard but manages to entertain. Tiku Talsania also corrects his actions, especially in the DNA report scene.

Manoj Joshi is fine. Rajpal Yadav’s role is small, but makes him laugh. Johnny Lever is good in cameo. Akshaye Khanna is nothing special in the special appearance. The child actors do well but their tracks are not used well. The actors playing Meezaan’s sister and brother are average.

Hungama 2 Full Movie Download

Anu Malik’s music is forgettable. ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera 2.0’ stands out best because of Shilpa’s sexy moves. ‘Pehle Baar’, ‘Chinta Na Kar’, ‘Aao Chalen Hum’ and ‘Hungama Ho Gaya’ are disappointing. Ronnie Raphael’s background score is better and Priyadarshan is in the zone.