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Idiot Tamil Movie Download in Full Hd 480p 720p 1080p

Idiot Tamil Movie Download in Full Hd 480p 720p 1080p: The son of a head constable was thrashed by the goons of a rival gang; He was rescued by a girl and taken to the hospital.

After regaining consciousness, he learns of his Savior and falls in love with him; Later it is revealed that she is the daughter of the commissioner.

Director Rambhala, who is known for delivering few comedies that actually worked earlier, fails miserably in his mission to entertain the masses with his ‘Idiot’.

Idiot Tamil Movie Download in Full Hd 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Idiot
Directed By: Rambhala
Release Date: 1 April 2022
Size: 400 Mb

The story of a Tamil film is very thin, if one can even tell it, and a truckload of bad jokes that are so awful that one forgets the laughter, no one can manage to smile until the movie ends can.

Some of the so-called “funny” dialogues in the film are either absolutely annoying or dangerously close to being termed obscene.

Members of a royal family are murdered by two generals, who then usurp their property. The spirits of the dead royal family members follow this place in search of revenge.

Idiot Tamil Movie Download Telugu

The story then cuts to a different time period. Here, we are introduced to Rasu Gounder (Anandraj), a wealthy landowner who is basically an idiot, and his wife Parimalam (Urvashi).

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His son, Chinnarasu (Mirchi Siva), is a bitter critic of his father. To make a long story short, Chinnarasu runs out of his house after a fight, loses his composure after a head injury and is admitted to a mental hospital with Smita (Nikki Galrani). ) is a doctor.

The hospital is home to a bunch of strange characters, including a sorceress named Nilakandi (Akshara Gowda) and a funny patient named Barfi (Radin Kingsley).

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In addition, Thiru is a gang of kidnappers led by Don Sekar (Ravi Maria), who want to kidnap Smita and demand a ransom for her. Do souls take their revenge?

Do the kidnappers kidnap Smita? Does the sorceress succeed in her mission? Will Chinnarasu become normal again?

‘Idiot’ is neither really catchy nor entertaining. When a film is based on good humour, audiences may be willing to forgive a weak story. Sadly, neither its story nor its jokes work for ‘Idiot’.

Idiot Tamil Movie Download

Radin Kingsley as Barfi and Mirchi Siva as Chinnarasu try to save the situation, occasionally cracking jokes, but sadly their efforts go downhill and the film turns out to be a drag. comes to the fore.