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Irai Web Series Download 720p Telegram Link All Episodes

Irai Web Series Download 720p Telegram Link All Episodes: We are first introduced to a narrative that begins in 1985. Ashok Kumar (Srikrishna Dayal), who runs a child prostitution racket in Kodaikanal, manages to use his political influence to get out of prison.

The narrative follows Ashok’s gruesome, monstrous life as the head of the racket. The second narrative, set in present-day Kodaikanal, follows a missing investigation headed by Robert Vasudevan (Sarathkumar), a disturbed police officer who is brought in as a consultant in the case.

Irai Web Series Download 720p Telegram Link All Episodes

Movie Name: Irai
Directed By: Rajesh M Selva
Release Date: 18th Feb 2022
Size: 400 Mb

The person missing is a high-profile politician, Shivakumar (Abhishek Shankar), who we soon realise is Ashok’s boss and the mastermind behind the racket.

Initially, the juxtaposition of the two timelines serve to introduce the setting of this world; however, eventually, we are shown one needlessly elongated sequence after the other.

This becomes a bit tedious, especially in Robert’s story. After a long character introduction with exaggerated buildups, we are repeatedly shown scenes that are meant to show the inner demons that Robert is facing, but they never dig deep.

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A subtle detail invariably gets followed by a dialogue exposition of the same. For instance, even after we know that Robert’s wife Sheeba discourages him to go back to fieldwork due to past trauma, we repeatedly get dialogues about how he should only be a ‘Sherlock’ and not a ‘James Bond’.

Right off the bat, the first shocking feature about Irai is how blunt it is with its depiction of sexual assault. In Ashok’s narrative, we see the ordeals that Ashok’s wife and her child with Shivakumar face.

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With minimal dialogue, the series manages to disturb us and it is only the hope of possible redemption and retribution that keeps us going through such gruesome depiction.

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One might wonder if the repeated display of these crimes is used only to bring about a shock value rather than scratching beyond the surface of the issue or in adding real value to the story.

Irai also fails to delve deeper into the characters, with most tagged as good or bad. We never fully understand what makes some of these antagonists who they are.

The only character who works well is Robert. Irai can also be seen as an exploration of Robert’s inner battles. We come to know that his sister was kidnapped in his presence by Ashok’s men, and Robert still struggles to move on due to a lack of closure.

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As one of the episode titles reads, only the truth that can liberate Robert. As a police officer too, Robert fits the investigative plot well. His backstory and specialisation make him something of our own John Wick in a sense.