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Jaadugar Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p

Jaadugar Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p: A small-time magician with no athletic talent must compete in a football tournament to win the heart of the woman he loves.

It is an interesting terrain for storytelling where the hero knows the ideal situation but doesn’t have the guts and gumption or the magical wand — that the commercial Hindi film hero is born with — to reach there.

In the small football-loving town of Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, a small-time magician, Magic Meenu (played by Jitendra Kumar) who has no athletic prowess, must find a way to marry his love interest (Arushi Sharma).

Jaadugar Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p

The football trophy has to be won, but the problem is that their team which has not won a single match in the last few years. Will Meenu be able to take her team to the finals? Will Meenu be able to find her love? Will the love interest’s father hinder the couple’s plans?

Reeking of misplaced confidence, Meenu doesn’t even realise the difference between approaching a girl and stalking her.

There’s one subplot where it seems like “Jaadugar” tries to get political by showing the head of the municipal corporation bulldozing an “illegal” building. This move drives someone from the minority community out of the colony.

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In order to get this, you must read up on how the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh state governments are straight-up bulldozing the homes of Muslim residents by slapping them with weird charges and then avoiding all kinds of legal proceedings.

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All this is being backed by the Supreme Court of India, thereby making these incidents some of the darkest chapters in Indian history.

But the movie resolves it all so quickly and so melodramatically that the subplot is robbed of any weight or relevance.

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After losing a girl called Ichchha (desire), he finds some direction with Disha (Arushi Sharma) but his self-seeking ways almost ruin it again, as this time he has to choose between saving his love or the family name in football.

The story largely follows Meenu (Jitendra Kumar), who aspires to be a magician and wants to marry the love of his life, i.e., Iccha (Rukshar Dhillon).

But she makes him realize, albeit momentarily, that he is more obsessed with his capabilities than what the person in front of him is saying.

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After that, under the guidance of his mentor, Jaadugar Chhabra (Manoj Joshi), Meenu puts his hundred percent into magic and starts doing regular shows. There he comes across a girl, Disha (Arushi Sharma).

He falls in love with her within a few weeks, and he’s made to realize the same thing that Iccha tried to teach him. Amidst all this, there’s Meenu’s uncle Pradeep (Jaaved Jaaferi), his football team (Adarsh Nagar Panthers), and his dream of winning the Dabholkar Trophy; something that his late brother dreamt of winning.

Jitendra Kumar delivers an honest performance as a social chameleon. However, even as he is efficient, his performances have begun to give the feeling of a machine that does the job but lacks that proverbial magic, or the X-factor, that helps such characters cross over to mass acceptance.

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That spell comes from the players that constitute the Adarsh Nagar team. Every time the film returns to the football field, it sparkles. Be it the loutish librarian Madan (Imran Rasheed) or the rakish insurance agent Lali (Raj Qushal), every character is well-etched and colourful.

With a hint of vermilion in the forehead, the solo female player (Raksha Pawar) dribbles past the opposition as well as social barriers. Then there is a struggling lyricist who becomes the bard of the team.

The humorous football commentary rendered by doctor Doshi (played by director Sameer) and Nema (Rajeev Nema) provides much more than just the details of the game.