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Julie Ullu Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Julie Ullu Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p: Ullu Platform is an online platform on which a new web series is uploaded every day.

Some of these content is very much liked by the audience, but many times it is fiercely opposed.

But today we are talking about a new web series Julie Part 2. The name is very catchy and even more fascinating its story.

Julie Ullu Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Julie
Directed By: Anil Sharma
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2019
Size: 400 Mb

There is a story of a girl who first attracts boys towards her and then kills them. But all the bodies found by the police so far have one thing in common.

Now what is this, you are going to know on 13th May. Because the web series is going to be released on May 13 and the more important thing is that this time Aman Verma has also become a part of the Ullu platform.

That is, in the role of the main cop, Aman Verma is seen solving the mystery. The audience has praised it fiercely but some people say that now Crime Patrol is being seen on Ullu’s platform.

Julie Ullu Web Series Download Story

A similar comment was made for the Gaddaar Jaganya trailer released 3 days ago on the Ullu platform.

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Want to tell that Gaddaar Jaganya is going to release on 10th May and Julie 2 is going to release exactly three days later.

Which of the two is going to win, you can tell us in the comment box. If you also want to watch Ullu Platform content then you can download the app.

Julie Ullu Web Series Download Imdb

Apart from this, you will have to pay some monthly fee, for this you can visit the official website of Ullu.

However, what do you have to say whether Julie 2 or Gaddar Jaghanya will be a hit or a flop, you can send us your opinion in the comment box.

If you have not seen both the trailers, then you can watch on the channel now. Apart from this, write and send how did you like the promo, good or bad.

Julie Ullu Web Series Download

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