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Kaagaz Full Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p: To keep his business going, Lal Bihari approaches a bank for a loan. Soon after, he learns that the government has declared him dead on paper. He struggles to prove his existence as he faces red tape everywhere.

At any other time in India’s history, the title Kaagaz would have meant just “paper”, literally.

Alternatively, in the context of this film, it would have specifically and only meant the document on which a corrupt UP village official declared a living human being called Lal Bihari dead in the 1970s, having accepted a bribe to do so from the man’s uncle and cousins who then usurped their relative’s land.

Kaagaz Full Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p

In today’s India though, where the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) have been widely criticised for their potential to disenfranchise rightful Indian citizens.

Kaagaz means a lot more, echoing writer Varun Grover’s defiant poem, Hum kaagaz nahin dikhayenge (We will not show our papers), that became a rallying cry during 2019-20’s pan-India anti-CAA-NRC protests.

Kaagaz Full Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p

Kaagaz is the real life story of man extraordinaire, Lal Bihari Mritak, played here as Bharat Lal Mritak by the ever flawless Pankaj Tripathi.

Bharat Lal is a kind hearted, loveable band player from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, who believed in slow living before millennials made it fashionable. Content with his tiny shop, a sweet home with a loving wife and a small son, he has zero aspirations of changing it for anything.

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The opening scene where Bharat captures a mouse in his shop and has a chat with it before setting it free, does a good job of establishing him as a man of pure intent.

Pankaj, within just a couple of minutes, melts his way into your heart. Sadly, this is also where the film’s heartwarming storytelling peaks.

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Grover’s words come to mind when Salman Khan’s voice bookends this film as he reads out a poem (written by Aseem) describing the omni-presence of paper in our lives – in the form of kites, flags, contracts, birth and death certificates, deeds to property, letters – and its role in defining who we are.

“…Kuchh nahin hai magar hai sab kuchh bhi. Kya ajab cheez hai yeh kaagaz bhi.” (It is nothing yet it is everything / how unique is paper.)

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Writer-director Satish Kaushik is a supporter of the present PM, so it seems unlikely that he would have intended this reading of his film but, well, cinema, like kaagaz, is an ajab cheez that belongs as much to the receiver as to the creator once it is sent out into the world.

When Bharat’s wife, who is slightly more hopeful of a better life, asks him to expand his business with a bank loan, he realises he has a peculiar problem. He is dead, on paper.

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Unknown to him, his conniving aunt and her sons got him declared dead, usurping the property that was legally his. Thus began Bharat’s decade-long, gruelling fight against a corrupt system, bureaucracy, his own family and their greed.

However, these larger foes crop up much later in the film, initially his biggest enemies are the village kids and idle men who tease him and call him a ‘ghost’.

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While Pankaj Tripathi may be a marvel among actors, it is those around him that disappoint. From the wife to the chachi to the cousins, politicians, journalists or friends, no one is given a role worth biting into.

It also comes as a relief because none of the supporting actors may have been able to carry the weight either. Their jokes do not land, the more emotional scenes do not impress and the wife’s UP accent keeps playing hide and seek.