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Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Moviesada Isaimini Tamilrockers

Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Moviesada Isaimini Tamilrockers: A group of gangsters head to a deserted village to look for hidden treasures, but unprepared for the hordes of ghosts they encounter inside.

The film begins with an interesting prologue that sparks curiosity about the horror factor. The next thirty minutes set the characters sluggishly and take center stage.

If the sequences and parallel comedy tracks were written and executed properly, it would have been a fun ride. But what we get are very few laughing moments, the rest are very pathetic and dirty.

Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Moviesada

But what we get are very few laughing moments, the rest very pathetic and dirty. It has a bunch of old-fashioned slapstick humor that fails to work miserably, and a truckload of bathroom jokes that are hard to tolerate.

In Yemirukka Byamen, the story was kept in a single bungalow, similarly here it revolves around a small village, but the way it is handled is so sluggish from the script itself.

The conditions are poorly made, so the scenes don’t naturally have that attention-grabbing factor. Flashback has that cinematic fantasy element, but it’s treated in a depressing way.

Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Filmyzilla

‘Kateri’ looks like a big blob of joke. Even before this, the buildups are not scary, in fact they are very predictable and boring. The climax is sudden, but some tasteless parts are stretched and explained for a very long time.

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Vaibhav has no scope to perform, not only that but he doesn’t have any jokes to offer as well. Both the heroines Sonam Bajwa and Aathmika are just used for their attractive looks with glamorous attires, no big role in the story to play.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar seems to be a needless additional character at instance, but evolves into the central character, her portions are somewhat better than the rest of the movie.

Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Tamilplay

Ravi Maria is in full-on exaggeration mode throughout who keeps on doing some nonsense. Karunakaran is so annoying with some crappy cuckold comedies.

Kateri (aka) Kateri is a Tamil horror film directed by DK. The film Kateri stars Vaibhav Reddy, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Athmika, Sonam Bajwa and Manali Rathod.

Kaatteri Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers

The film Qatari will be produced by K E Gyanvel Raja under the Studio Green banner. The director is known for films like DK Krishna’s ‘Yamirukka Bayame’ and Jeeva’s ‘Kavalai Vendam’.

Director DK made his feature film debut with the superhit Yamirukka Bayame, before moving on to Kavalai Vendam for his next film. And now, the director has gone back to his first film template for the next film in his filmography, Qatari.

DK Ki Kateri is about a village that has been haunted since the 1960s, and what happens when a group of peers get together and venture into the same place once again.