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Kancha lanka ott web series download

Kancha lanka ott web series download: OTT platform Kancha Lanka in controversy. The poster of Gangs of Puri is getting criticized.

The Advocates Association has demanded that the SP be handed over to the SP. And then the poster of the web series changed.

The controversy surrounding the poster of ‘Kancha Lanka’ has taken the place of the poster of the web series.

Kancha lanka ott web series download

Movie Name: Kancha Lanka
Directed By: Raja D
Release Date: Coming Soon
Size: 400 Mb

OTT platform Kanchanalka has been embroiled in controversies regarding its new web series poster.

This poster of Gangs of Puri web series is the cause of controversy. Puri District Advocates Association.

Kanccha Lannka has released the first poster of its religious web series on OTT platform Maa Samaleswari on the eve of Nua Khai.

Kancha lanka Series

The production house claims that the series is based on the untold story of Maa Samaleswari brought for the first time on screen!

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Produced by Soumyadip Chakraborty, the series has been directed by Ajoy. Shankar Tripathy has written the story.

Lanka takes its essence from the Hindi proverb ‘ghar ka bhedi lanka dhe’ which comes from the Indian epic Ramayana, which means how can your most trusted allies be the ones to betray you (like Ravana’s brother Vibhishana told him in the Ramayana was condemned).

Kancha lanka ott web series story

While the film could have gone down as a more generic story, the Ramayana analogy succeeds in giving it more character (though it employs only three characters from the epic).

Jaswant Sisodia (Manoj Bajpayee) reigns supreme in the city of Bijnor and one of his indulgences involves forcing Anshu (Tia Bajpayee) to be his mistress.

Anshu’s parents are just as helpless and humiliated as the vulnerable victim, who is ironically raped intentionally by Jaswant every night.

Kancha lanka web series download

Jaswant’s close aid (Arjan Bajwa), whom he also considers to be his younger brother, comes to the city and oversees his illegal actions.