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Laal Singh Chaddha Full Movie Watch Online Free: Reworking a 1994 Hollywood drama centered on the Vietnam War as an Indian story that unfolded several decades later may not have been easy.

A short trip to Delhi brings a cherubic Laal, still a boy in his leg braces, face to face with a pre-stardom Shah Rukh Khan, who learns a thing or two from Laal about dancing.

This lovely sequence – a wonderfully localised twist that is bound to bring an unadulterated smile to every lip – stands in for the Elvis Presley encounter that Forrest Gump has with the future King of Rock & Roll in his mom’s boarding house.

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The box of chocolate gets replaced by a box of golgappas. A bench in the garden turns into a train seat. What remains the same is the story, characters, emotions and the broad narrative.

An official adaptation of internationally acclaimed Forrest Gump (1994) starring Tom Hanks, Laal Singh Chaddha is a feel-good film that doesn’t say anything extraordinarily different or in an exceptional way that you stand up and applaud.

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Setting Laal’s story in a timeline that covers historic events including Blue Star operation, 1983 World Cup Victory, Indira Gandhi’s assassination, 1984 sikh riots, Sushmita Sen’s Miss Universe crowning, Kargil War make for interesting and engaging elements and they blend well with the narrative.

That’s perhaps the only major, evident and in-your-face difference — his character’s physical appearance, the overtly talkative fellow who’s low on IQ but is a great storyteller.

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I mean it’s no easy feat to make a disinterested woman (sitting on the opposite seat to Laal’s) at first, get so engrossed in his story.

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Eventually all the passengers travelling in that train compartment are listening to Laal’s anecdotes with so much curiosity and interest. Aamir gets into Laal’s skin quite deep and makes him a likeable character.

However, Laal’s personal timeline from being a kid to a teenager does look a bit off at times and he appears to be exactly same age and height for many years.

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However, the child actor (Ahmad Ibn Umar), who plays young Laal is so cute and has such a pleasant screen presence. His expressions and whatever few lines he speaks moves you. There’s a Shah Rukh Khan cameo, which is easily the show stealer.

It’s a Hindi remake of an an iconic Hollywood film and that’s about it. It doesn’t even try to introduce elements that would make it look somewhat different.

Laal shakes off his leg braces as a boy when chased by a trio of bullies on their bicycles. He turns into a phenomenal runner.

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Laal Singh Chaddha, which released on Thursday, is an authorised remake of Forrest Gump, the 1994 Hollywood movie that was not only a big hit but also earned Tom Hanks a Best Actor Oscar.

The movie had shockingly low occupancy in theatres. According to Bollywood Hungama, the much-anticipated film only sold around 30,000 tickets at the national chains such as PVR, Inox and Cinepolis in Tier-1 cities as of Wednesday morning.

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He lands a job in the Indian Army where he befriends Balaraju Bodi (Naga Chaitanya in a superb cameo), the equivalent of shrimp trader Bubba, and makes plans for an entrepreneurial future with him. Bala’s family is in the underwear manufacturing business.

But screenwriter Atul Kulkarni makes a good deal of it, giving star Aamir Khan ample room for emotional maneuvering, a sly who comes to terms with the complex world around him without losing his innocence, optimism and gloom. But it is necessary to present the angry man.