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Nov 25, 2021 Featured

Maanadu Movie Download Moviesda Isaimini Kuttymovies

It has been more than five years since Silambarasan TR met members of the press. During this time, he has acted in several films, but Manadu, which will be releasing this week, is being considered as a kind of comeback, as it comes in view of his physical transformation. Looks like change just isn’t out there.

Movie Name:Maanadu
Director:Venkat Prabhu
Release Date:25 November 2021

He calls his philosophy ‘Atman,’ and when asked about it, he says, “There is a lot to talk about, and when I do, it will make an impact. ‘Atman ‘ It’s about how, beyond the physical self, there is a Spirit that is working all of us. We should all remain faithful to that Spirit and follow His guidance,” he says.

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“In a political film, one can assume that the protagonist will speak extensively of dialogue and rise up against the odds. But Manadu is more about the concept of a time loop, and the story takes place in a political background and it happens when When a common man gets caught up in it.

Producer Suresh Kamachchi did a lot to bring this film. The pandemic wreaked havoc, but Suresh made sure everything stays on track. From our side, the shoot for 120 days. There was a plan to do it; however, we finished it in half the time. The story demanded that I do fights and chase sequences, and that too over and over again. When I was heavy before, I found it quite taxing. But now that I’ve lost weight, I was able to do more and found it easier.”

“At the time of Silambattam, I was able to lose weight easily, and my body easily let me do so. But after 30, if I take things easy, I start losing weight. It happened and I couldn’t break the cycle. The lockdown worked, and I switched to a liquid diet for two months. The first week was manageable, but after that, I entered a phase where I was skipping dinner and was starving in bed. I thought I would die (smiling). It was just my body adapting to the new diet.

I learned that Siddhas put themselves through such diets And I read a lot before joining it. I was engaged in sports like Tennis, Cricket and Basketball apart from normal workout sessions. I also consumed protein and vital supplements. The normal pressure of being a part of cinema due to lockdown. was not during the day, and I developed the habit of waking up at 4.30 am. I have lost 27 kilograms in the process.”

“Manadu has been designed by Venkata Prabhu so that it is accessible to the masses. The background itself is meant to simplify the concept. I play the role of a man who does not understand what is happening, and therefore, when he discuss it with your people, then make sure the audience is informed as well.

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I think the audience understands everything though, and I think it’s wrong to assume that they are high Can’t understand ideas or are resistant to them. Only when we give them good content will we know what works. In fact, there was a time when dark comedy was considered a genre that wouldn’t work, but now , it does. When the internet came, people thought society wouldn’t take it. But today, everyone has access, and we’re talking about concepts like metaverse and blockchain transactions. By the way, I’m going to create NFTs. I’m working too.”

Simbu's Maanaadu hits the theatres on November 25 after last minute hiccups.

“Many of my films have dealt with issues, as you know, and even till Valu, I had to overcome hurdles. Manadu is an emotional film for me because it stalled first, and then , we resumed work. I lost weight and then, there was the pandemic. It was all heavy for me; so I couldn’t control my tears in the pre-release program. Ennoda Vali Oda Velipadu Adhu.

The producers may have complained against me, but I never spoke against them. I think this has been my issue. If I started complaining, I doubt it would never end. That’s why I said, ‘Ennoda prechnaiya na pathukuren; Anna Neenga Pathukonga’.

There are many people who are so affectionate towards me, and I want to spread this love productively. I do not mean this in a political sense because I am not interested in politics, even though I will always voice my concerns. I plan to guide them to do something effective.”

“I keep teasing Yuvan Shankar Raja for singing. There is a way to get the best out of Yuvan (laughs). There are many instances where we would have worked for four-five days for a song only for me to reject it. To do and for it to start us all over again. He understands me, and the fact that he does all that work, just for me, comes from a bond I can’t expect from everyone else.”

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“We all reach a point when we get stuck in life. Spirituality has helped me emerge from it. I have realized that when you are clean inside, then the outside is better. I love those negatives. aspects had to be purified mentally