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Mithya All Episodes Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p

Mithya All Episodes Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p: When a Hindi professor accuses her student of plagiarism, a bizarre chain of psychological crimes ensue.

What begins as a matter of academic deception, quickly escalates into psychological warfare between the two and neither is willing to give up.

Psychological thrillers are always considered good to watch when mystery, drama, action, and paranoia keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Mithya All Episodes Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p

Movie Name: Mithya
Directed By: Rohan Sippy
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Similarly, two central characters—Juhi Adhikari (Huma S Qureshi) and Rhea Rajguru (Avantika Dassani)—kept the audience glued to their story of consecutive nights as the mystery behind ‘Mithya’ begins to reveal itself, with writers (Anvita Dutt, Althea Kaushal and Purva Naresh) spinning a tale of infidelity, manipulation, and some deep dark secrets to unfurl.

The technique of withholding information, to create tension, from the viewers works most of the time, and Rohan Sippy’s six-part series has enough ammo to keep the mystery under wraps while exploring the toxic relationship between the teacher and her student.

‘Mithya,’ adapted from the British TV show ‘Cheat,’ is set in Darjeeling and follows the life of Juhi, a Hindi literature professor. Professionally, she is the most qualified candidate for the post of university’s Head of Department (HOD) and an aspiring writer.

Mithya All Episodes Download FilmyZilla

On the personal front, she is married to Neil (Parambrata Chatterjee) and they are trying to have a child. From a distance, everything appears to be in order, and Juhi appears to be content with her life.

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However, as we learn more about her, scenes such as when she has sexual fantasies about her colleague Vishal (Indraneil Sengupta), who proposes her name for the HOD position, or when she is discussing her marital life with her best friend Sharmistha (Naina Sareen), reveal the issues she is dealing in her day-to-day life, as well as her anxiety episodes.

Rhea, the daughter of a university trustee (Samir Soni) and Juhi’s student, on the other hand, always comes late to college and never engages in the class. At first glance, she appears to be a spoilt brat and an oddball, but there was a lot more to her than meets the eye.

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The same is proved when the series of events starts after Juhi accuses Rhea of cheating and even fails her due to plagiarism, despite Rhea’s pleas that she is innocent. As a result, the drama is lit.

What begins as an innocuous academic dispute quickly escalates into complex psychological warfare with hints of crime. Starting from the disappearance of Juhi’s cat (named Bhaisaab) to her spouse being honey-trapped, Juhi seems to be in a real mess.

Right from the first episode, scenes show Neil’s body and police investigating the case. So, we already know that Juhi’s seemingly perfect life is jeopardised, but how? Is Rhea the mastermind behind it all? Is it just because Juhi failed her?

Mithya All Episodes Story

Across the whole drama, everything builds up to the moment in the prison visiting room when Juhi and Rhea face each other head-on, making both of them plausible suspects and transporting us to the events of the past.

There is not much out-and-out action, but the narrative carefully arranges the jigsaw pieces to set up the climactic act. As the story progresses, the climax becomes somewhat predictable, yet it still provides the satisfying ending it deserves.

Even when the plot flattens, the lead protagonists, Huma S Qureshi and debutante Avantika Dassani, manage to hold the audience’s attention with their intense acts.

Mithya All Episodes Cast

Huma looks elegant in simple sarees and is a perfect fit for the role of Professor Juhi. Avantika (daughter of Bhagyashree of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ fame) chooses a difficult role as a lunatic for her debut acting role, but she comes across as surprisingly confident and convincing on screen.

Rhea is always seen wearing skinny jeans and jackets paired with leather boots to show off her carefree and casual attitude. She does, however, deliver the dialogues half-heartedly because they aren’t appropriate for such a bleak figure.

As Juhi’s parents, both Rajit Kapoor and Avantika Akerkar have prominent roles to play. Parambrata Chatterjee’s believable performance will definitely make you despise his character Neil and his life choices.

Mithya All Episodes Download

Darjeeling’s picturesque grandeur, with overcast weather, rains, and the greenery of the Himalayan foothills, adds to the screenplay’s beauty. In addition, the background music (by Ripul Sharma and George Joseph) is effective and blends well with the plot.

‘Mithya’ concludes on a chilling note that Juhi receives from Rhea, hinting that there will be a lot more drama in the next season.

However, don’t expect a spine-chilling psychodrama that will blow your mind; instead, expect an entirely addictive thriller with plenty of twists and turns that will undoubtedly cause you to binge-watch.