Movierulz Pelli Sandadi Movie Download 2021

Oct 17, 2021 Featured

Movierulz Pelli Sandadi Movie Download 2021

Veteran director Raghavendra Rao made “Pelli Sandadi” with Nayak Srikanth. After 25 years, Srikanth’s son starred in “Pelli Sandad”, with Raghavendra Rao supervising the direction. The movie is here. Let us know its merits and demerits.

An ordinary filmmaker decides to make a biopic on veteran basketball player Vashisht (K Raghavendra Rao), who has won the Dhyan Chand Award. Vashisht narrates his story to the filmmaker’s father as they go on a long walk in the woods to reach a coffee shop.

Full Name: Pelli Sandadi
Release Year: 2021
Duration:2 Hours +
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The story goes back to the younger days of Vashishtha (now played by Roshan Srikkanth) and his love story with Sahasra (Srileela). The problems that Vashishtha faced in winning and marrying Sahasra’s love are the only things you find in this ‘Biopic Kahani’.

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Veteran director K Raghavendra Rao made his acting debut with this film. KRR shows up in about ten or fifteen minutes. Yes, he makes an ‘appearance’ because everything he does here cannot be construed as acting.

Roshan’s look is good. He dances well too. But he should do contemporary films.

Kannada actress Srileela fits well as Raghavendra Rao’s heroine. A lead actress in Raghavendra Rao’s film just needs to do one thing right – show her navel part and chest as fruit and flute and other things fall on her. She is good at dancing too.

The comedy of Shakalaka Shankar, Venela Kishore and others is old.

The real hero of the film is MM Keerwani. Songs tuned in the old style of Keerwani are also a treat to the eyes on screen. The gorgeously shot songs will delight the audience at large.

It is believed that great directors also keep pace with the contemporary trends in their retirement years. We have countless examples to prove this point. But Raghavendra Rao didn’t create such an old and inane narrative in the 80s as he did with “Pelli Sanda”.

TV serials showcase superior storytelling skills that we see in it. It is monotonous from the word go.

We regularly get to see badly made movies or boring movies, but “Pelli Saandad” is different. It is the epitome of laziness in every department of writing, acting and directing. Even a newcomer will not come up with some of the scenes that we see in “Pelli Sandad”.

Newcomer Gauri Ronanki is credited as the director and K Raghavendra Rao as the ‘director’ who supervised the film. But it has the signature of K Raghavendra Rao. Proof: His trademark pictorialization of songs.

The story of the film is from many decades back. But that doesn’t mean it gives license to write “old” scenes and jokes. The heroine jumping from the tree and falling on the hero is the idea of ​​romance here. When Vanella Kishore says he takes a shower once a month, we must take it as a joke.

The film begins with a director planning a biopic of Vashisht, who won the Dhyan Chand Award for his excellence in basketball. But he narrates his love story to the director’s father in comparison to his achievements in the game! There is no reason or reason to be found in this mess.

Except for the songs, watching “Pelli Sandad” will give you a headache. An old movie that you watch anyway.

The film is produced by Arka Media Company, which produced ‘Baahubali’ considered as the pride of Telugu cinema, and I wonder how the production house agreed with the story which has no heads and tails? Who writes such stories and scenes in this era (2021)?

Raghavendra Rao’s original rom-com ‘Pelli Sandadi’ (1996) starring Srikanth gives a contemporary feel compared to this 2021 version of ‘Pelli Sandaad’ starring Srikanth’s son Roshan. What I found funny is not the story, but the imagination of the scenes. No one writes such a silly comedy, such an old romantic track.

Posani Krishna Murali’s “Puttu Richchu” scenes, Venela Kishore’s “Wisdom” track, heroine Srileela and hero Roshan’s romance should be kept in a museum to be displayed as examples of shoddy screenwriting and shoddy direction. Barring Ustad Keerwani, every department has given the worst output in this film.

The story is simple: a filmmaker is planning to make a biopic on veteran basketball player Vashisht (in his acting debut as K Raghavendra Rao). He narrates his love story with Sahasra (Srileela) when he (played by Roshan) first met her at a wedding ceremony. Sahasra’s father opposes their love. How Vashisht wins his love and also becomes a champion in basketball is all about this story.

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Srikanth’s son Roshan Srikanth looks promising in his debut as an absolute hero. They have a good screen presence and smoothness. Newcomer Srileela slays glamour. Raghavendra Rao, in his acting debut, is fine.

The film is entirely by MM Keerwani. “Gandharva Lokala”, “Madhura Nagrilo” and “Premante Enti” are beautiful to watch on screen. Keeravani delivers its trademark melodious melodies.