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Murmur of the heart movie download movierulz

Murmur of the heart movie download movierulz: This loose-ended coming-of-age story follows the life of 15-year-old Laurent Chevalier (Benot Ferreaux) as he weaves his way through the rising hilarity of adolescence in 1950s France.

After having his first sexual experience with a prostitute and pecking the lips of a priest (Michelle Lonsdale), Chevalier contracts a case of scarlet fever.

When the fever leaves him with a heart murmur, Chevalier is placed in a hospital with his more observant and adulterous mother (Le Massari).

Murmur of the heart movie download movierulz

Movie Name: Murmur of the heart
Directed By: Louis Malle
Release Date: 28 April 1971
Size: 400 Mb

This is an unusual family, especially by the standards of Dijon, France, circa 1954. Father is a wealthy and successful doctor.

He is married to a girl 15 years younger than him and even worse, the girl is Italian, which at the time of marriage dealt a deep blow to his French bourgeois family.

No problem. Milan is blessed with three sons, and by the time the film opens, the mother is closer to him (in age and temperament) than the father.

Murmur of the heart movie download Filmyzilla

The film begins with a good-natured family feud, and it is only after it ends that we learn that Lea Massari is the mother.

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She looks like an older sister, and she is definitely more of a friend than a mother to her kids. Family discipline is administered by a very round, very muscular maidservant.

Malle gives us family in a series of short, fairly self-contained scenes. There are fights and conflicts, and the boys learn to smoke cigars, drink brandy and paint.

Murmur of the heart movie download Filmyhit

The youngest son is taken by his brothers to a brothel (to be the victim of a cruel practical joke, as it turns out). Mother has an affair, not very intelligently.

And then it turned out that the young man’s heart was murmuring. Summer is set at a resort, and the mother accompanies her son to be with her (and continue her affair).

They take adjoining rooms at the resort hotel, and then Malle so skillfully prepares us for the final scenes that the moment of incest, when it happens, seems almost natural, more fond than sensual, and not terribly important.

Murmur of the heart movie download

How he achieves this effect is beyond me; He takes the most charged subject matter you can imagine, and turns it into simple affection.