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Dec 10, 2021 Featured

Murungakkai Chips Movie Download Kuttymovies Moviesda Tamilplay

Director Srijar’s Murungakkai Chips is an adult comedy that revolves around the wedding night of a newly wed couple and what their respective families decide to do in the night to save their family’s pride (!!!).

Movie Name:Murungakkai Chips
Release Date:10 December 2021

In the opening scene, we learn that Arjun (Shantanu) and Shanti (Athulya) are happily married. Introduction Voice-over is by Shakeela, who says that Arjun, a millionaire, is going to lose his wealth if he is sexually tempted on the first night!!!

Arjun’s grandfather (Baghyaraj) says that it is their family tradition to abstain from having sex on the wedding day so that the boy is not tempted by anything else in the world. If Arjun fails the test, the property worth 300 crores will go to an orphanage.

Murungakkai Chips Movie Download Kuttymovies Moviesda

Meanwhile, Shanti’s aunt (Urvashi) tells her that the girls (in their family) who abstained from having sex on the first night never got a chance to give birth, so it is necessary for them to persuade Arjuna. ! With two separate challenges, what is the couple going to do?

Shreezer’s idea is somewhat substantial for an adult comedy but his execution is disappointing and he tries hard to please the audience with double-meaning dialogues and B-grade sequences.

Shantanu dances well, looks beautiful and has talent but now it’s time to choose the right script. Athulya is beautiful but again the script selection is wrong. Not sure why Baghyaraj and Urvashi agreed for this film? Yogi Babu and Munishkant laughed here and there.

Dharan’s music is warm and soulful. The dance choreography is also very good and the cinematography in the songs is dazzling but mediocre in the talkie part.

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On their first night, a newly wed couple are forced to act with an agenda – while the boy has to remain single, the girl has made sure they complete the wedding. Who wins in the end?

Murungakkai Chips Movie Review: Credits Where It Due… Sreejar, the director of Murungakkai Chips, comes up with a fertile idea for a film revolving around a couple’s first night. The groom (Shantanu) is told by his grandfather (Shantanu’s real-life father’s Bhagyaraj, with wigs and beards that they don’t even hide how fake they are) that he will have to remain celibate all night as a self-examination.

Failure to control, his property worth ₹300 crore will be donated to an ashram. Meanwhile, the bride (Athulya Ravi) urges her aunt (Urvashi, who goes missing after a few scenes) to get married on the same night as she believes that the women in her family are unable to do so. failed, they did not have children. , Sounds tempting as a premise, doesn’t it?

But the bad news is that it’s the only provocative thing in the entire movie. Shrizer decides that’s all foreplay is needed and dives into action. Or so he thinks! Because he does not know what to do and does everything that is not necessary. We try to get the rich man’s manager (Manobala) to ensure that the marriage takes place so that he can get a commission from the orphanage.

Then, Munishkant and Yogi Babu play the role of a moneylender and the person who gives him the money, who gets involved. But umm, nothing penetrates… our feelings! Humor doesn’t turn on our smiles. Admittedly, for an adult comedy, the scenes inside the first night’s room are downright juvenile, with the conversation between the two rarely coming across as pillowy talk.

Murungakkai Chips Movie Download

And both Shantanu and Athulya are seen competing against each other in an overacting contest. As if that’s not enough, we get songs that are bathroom breaks. To make matters worse, the producer, Ravindra Chandrasekhar appears in a role that comments on how ridiculous it all is. Rather than indicating self-awareness, it simply suggests some strange feeling of self-pleasure over one’s own misfortune. By the time we reach the climax, all we have left is empty!