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Natchathiram Nagargirathu Movie Telegram link

Natchathiram Nagargirathu Movie Telegram link: The story revolves around the relationships that develop between 4 characters created by Kalidas Jayaram, Dussehra Vijayan, Kalai Arasan and Manisa Tait.

The film explores the complexities of contemporary romance as well as the politics of love in today’s world. This group closely represents the society we live in today, leave a gap.

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The majority of the upper castes that surround the pockets of the queer community, this growing presence in people’s daily lives that repeatedly tries to invalidate the bizarre existence, and the continuing systemic oppression against the Dalit community. is present. around the edges..

What can it be in the absence of prejudice and oppression that attaches itself to any relationship in a society that is dead set on heteronormativity and endogamy? The answer to this question is what a theatre troupe attempts to portray through their play.

Iniyan gets “triggered” by Rene’s rendition of ‘En Vaanile’ from Johnny — a film that dealt with impersonation and identity crisis, and a woman living a caged life — and asks her to stop.

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Look at the choice of the song. It is political too. Iniyan cuts her off when Rene sings this line: “Neerodai polave en penmai. Neerada vandhathae en menmai.”

This “ penmai” and “ menmai” wonderfully segues into Rene’s arc later, where she talks about a shadow called caste that made her run all through life but also empowered her to be fearless and assertive. “That’s my social identity,” she says.

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By making an inclusive cinema, with a diverse set of voices with varying gender, sexual and political identities, Ranjith illustrates the point that the oppressed class of one can also become a dominant voice in another.

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This is evident in the scene where a character puts the blame on an upper-caste name which gets muted. And Dayana (Sumeeth Borana), a queer person, gets worked up.

The Kalaiyarasan character, named Arjun, is the stand-in for our conservative society. You could call him a “city bumpkin”. He wants to be in the movies.

He is shocked by the casual inclusiveness in this bunch of actors: the gay, lesbian and transgender couples do not get much screen time, but they make the point that love knows no gender.

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He is shocked when he is handed a broom and asked to clean the theatre with the others. If everyone is equal, then every job – menial or otherwise – should be seen as equal.

All languages are equal: we have people speaking Hindi, Tamil, English, Malayalam and even French.

Dayana is still a minority and constantly faces the threat of oppression for his sexual orientation. But that doesn’t seem to remove the privilege of his caste.

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Therefore, the film questions the foundations of beliefs and prejudices that are hypocritical. For instance, a character shoots down love that is based on physical attraction, calling it “ gaaji.”

Rene, Iniyan, Arjun, and the other members of this troupe represent different sections of the society. There are gay couples, a young woman belonging to SC, a young queer man who belongs to a savarna group and a young man who come from an extremely conservative family.