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As Never Have I Ever season 3 approaches, co-creator Mindy Kaling and main lead Maitreyi Ramakrishnan are dropping hints about what fans can expect from the season. In a recent interview with ET, Kaling and Ramakrishnan revealed that the third instalment of the popular Netflix series was all about Devi’s growth.

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During the conversation, Kaling mentioned, “”The romance is obviously so much fun, and we love those sexy situations and all the awkwardness and all the observations about that,” she continued, “but ultimately, this show, we wanted it to be about a young woman who has gone through some trauma and have her heal.”

There are setbacks, and then there are times when she grows a lot. That’s the most important thing to me, and it’s so exciting to have Maitreyi play this role because she’s so funny in the first episode [of season 3], which I wrote.”

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Download Waploaded

Kaling continued by saying, “But it’s in her interactions with her father or with her therapist, played by the wonderful Niecy Nash, that you get a sense of what’s beneath the layers of… trying to be cool. “She’ll be fine, so that’s the most important part of the show for me,” he continued, adding, “It’s definitely a Team Devi season.””

Though both Kaling and Ramakrishnan insist that the season is all about “team Devi,” the show is gearing up for another love triangle with Devi and her dream guy Paxton attempting to work things out when a new cast member shakes things up. “Dude, she’s got game,” Ramakrishnan admitted, to which Kaling responded, “This season it’s very, very vicarious.”

Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is on her way to consummate her relationship with Paxton in a scene from the third season of Netflix’s unlikely hit Never Have I Ever when she is sat down by her cousin, Kamala. “You should not do anything on someone else’s timetable.”

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“You should do it when you’re ready,” Kamala says, prompting the narrator, a delightfully cheeky John McEnroe, to respond, “But Devi, like most teenagers, didn’t know what she was ready for.” Devi and Paxton don’t do it on the night, but this short sequence exemplifies the hilarious contradictions that most teenagers face. There is a sea of life lessons floating around, and yet you stumble out of bed, hit a million things during the day, and return somewhat groggily, bruised on the inside.

The third season of Never Have I Ever confronts more serious, intimate issues than the previous seasons, and it does so with the lightness of a desi wedding that no one remembers a week later.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Download All Episodes

The third season picks up where the second one left off. Devi’s dream of dating the hottest guy in school has come true as both walk through the high school door to stares, envious glares, and the odd professor spilling his coffee. It’s a haven. Devi gradually realises that even in paradise, there is judgement, ridicule, and suspicion. The question of why Paxton is with Devi becomes the central theme of the first half of the new season. It subtly alludes to body-image issues and a lack of self-awareness, which manifests as strong but undeniable doubt.

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Devi begins to doubt her relationship, not because it appears or feels unsafe, but because it seems too good to be true. It doesn’t hurt that Paxton is an understanding, caring boyfriend who is willing to take a step back and make amends for previous mistakes, all while looking hot as hell.

This new season features intriguing subplots that progress to a more level playing field alongside Devi’s life. Ben’s continued obsession despite having his own girlfriend, Eleanor’s newfound love in a warm-hearted school simpleton, and Fabiola’s continued brush with adolescence and acceptance are all interesting arcs that are given plenty of time to bloom into their own little stories.

From Bridgerton to a nod to Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, the series has quietly become the epitome of perfectly placed pop-culture references. I suppose it helps a platform with a large catalogue that its shows have begun to refer to its own creations as zeitgeist identifiers.

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The series also maintains its tradition of honouring Indian cliques and displaying rituals in a way that is neither sloppy nor devout. Few shows have made Indian culture as approachable without the smirk of condescension, and the fact that Devi herself is unfamiliar with her heritage adds to the authenticity of the learning process.

McEnroe’s divisive narration has also blossomed into a deft narrative tool, the punchline that exists outside the show’s silly, often messy world. After all, these are teenagers who have no idea who they want to be.

Not everything has always worked for a series that can frequently become tedious. Teenage comedies are fertile ground for risky experiments, but despite its restraint, Never Have I Ever can oversimplify things for the sake of movement due to its immigrant heritage.

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Devi and Paxton’s split, for example, is as quick and unconvincing as the show’s parade of hot Indian men. Devi fumbles her relationship more than she grasps it clearly, and it’s largely due to the flattening of Paxton’s psyche, a man so magnetically flawless that it’s hard to believe he exists. It’s far too convenient and linear in a forgettable way, and you can see the show’s desperation to get to the awkward, post-breakup scenes where the tension it has willingly and adequately portrayed can return to the fore.

Never Have I Ever isn’t as politically astute as, say, Sex Education, but it has the charms of frivolity with a subcontinental sensibility. These are teenagers with aspirations, half-baked worldviews, and a lifetime of love and loss ahead of them, which is why they often function with the nonchalance of learned machines, knowing that even if they are grieving at the time, they will eventually get out of it.

In essence, it is a far cry from how Hindi cinema or Indian families view personal relationships. A wretched, almost painful trait perfectly embodied by Devi’s mother, played by the dependable Poorna Jagannathan.

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Despite its mediocre humour, the series can often feel seminal in what it says about brown kids, families, and immigrant cultures waiting to be absorbed by the land they continue to arrive in but never quite reach.

Devi wanted a boyfriend when Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher’s show premiered, “a stone-cold hottie who could rock [her] all night long.” After trying and failing humiliatingly to juggle her two love interests, Paxton and Ben (Jaren Lewinson), her wish has finally come true in season three.

Devi appears to have the perfect life, so perfect that other girls scrunch their brows in envy. However, even though Paxton provides Devi with the affirmations she (certainly) requires, it does little to alleviate her insecurity.

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Rumours of all the reasons Paxton would ever want to date someone like her swirl in her head, leading to doubt, jealousy, and, ultimately, a reckoning for Devi: she must first respect, value, and love herself. When she begins to do so, we see her finally settling into herself and accepting her past failures, flaws, quirks, and grief. This slow but steady development opens the door to new opportunities, both in her love life and beyond, that help her understand what she truly wants and values.

Devi isn’t the only character who changes. Trent (Benjamin Norris), who previously stuck to comedic one-liners, delivers a master class in bromance. An aloof character who doesn’t appear to care about much (other than weed) transforms into Eleanor’s (Ramona Young) ideal boyfriend, supporting her as she tries to land acting jobs and even fulfilling her very specific fantasy. But the love he expresses for his best friend, Paxton, as he struggles to come to terms with graduation and leaving the familiarity of high school is even sweeter.

This is due in part to Paxton’s evolution. We saw him become more serious about school last semester. Devi becomes his inspiration this season to push through and break free from the “hot guy” box he has been forced to stay in. Surprisingly, another bromance forms with Ben during the process. Andy Samberg also returns as narrator, replacing John McEnroe, to immerse us in Ben’s incredibly stressful life.

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Ben’s condescending attitude, exacerbated by the pressure he places on himself to get into Columbia University, leaves him single, stressed, and yearning for Devi once more. The combination, along with a lack of leafy greens in his diet, sends Paxton, his knight in shining armour, to the hospital while his digestive tract is… cleared. It’s a sobering exchange in which both of them discuss their relationship with Devi, their own insecurities around her, and their anxieties about the future.

Poorna Jagannathan, Devi’s mother Nalini, delivers consistently outstanding performances in Never Have I Ever. After attempting to find romantic companionship in the previous season, Nalini is now attempting to form a friendship with another Indian mother, Rhyah.

As a doctor who has completed medical school, Nalini is sceptical of Rhyah, a nutritionist who is affiliated with the wellness community. As the two spend more time together and Nalini begins to open up about her grief and struggles with Devi, Rhyah becomes more judgmental. But the isolation Rhyah causes Nalini is balanced by her growing understanding of her daughter.

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Nalini is still fiercely protective of Devi, but she recognises that there are times when she must let her daughter spread her wings so she can learn to be happy again. Their relationship truly blossoms in the finale, marking a watershed moment in which the two realise how much they rely on each other.

While there are arguably too many subplots at work, making it difficult to understand the season’s pace, this does not detract from the show’s larger points about adolescent struggles.

The depiction of diaspora Indian culture (where else would you find a Bloomingdales bag on a Golu display!) continues to add a sense of homeland nostalgia to the show without being overly dramatic. So, while this season begins with the same chaotic adolescent themes of romance and sex, it eventually transforms into the story that executive producer Mindy Kaling had in mind all along.