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Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Download

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Download: Young Arjun rescues a blind Siberian Husky puppy and decides to train him for a competition with his father and grandfather.

Debutant director Sarov Shanmugam’s Oh My Dog, which features actor Arun Vijay’s son Arnav in a memorable role, holds a special place in the list of films for dog-lovers in Tamil cinema.

As a genre, films about dogs are very rare in Tamil, and to be backed by Suriya as a producer, is the perfect icing on the cake.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Download

Movie Name: Oh My Dog
Directed By: Sarov Shanmugam
Release Date: 21 April 2022
Size: 400 Mb

With its simple storytelling and relatable situations, especially if you are a dog parent.

Oh My Dog makes for a highly heartwarming and likeable drama that beautifully explores the bond between a young boy and his best friend.

Arnav plays the role of Arjun, who lives with his parents and grandfather in Ooty.

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But before we learn more about Arjun and his escape, we are introduced to Fernando (Vinay), a highly alcoholic businessman who breeds and trains dogs for competitions and has won the Dog Championship six times in a row.

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Has won the title. Everything is business for Fernando, who scolds one of his dogs for not having more puppies.

When he learns that one of the newborn puppies in his kennel (a husky) is almost completely blind, he orders two of his sidekick buffaloes to kill him.

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The plan fails and the puppy manages to escape and is eventually saved by Arjun, who decides to keep it against his parents’ wishes.

That puppy is named Simba and it is friendship at first sight. The rest of the story is about the adventure of Arjun and Simmba.

The simple plot of the bond between a dog and its owner is beautifully explored in Oh My Dog, which suppresses a lot of things.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Download

With a child at the center of the story, filmmaker Sarov gets a lot of leeway for going a little overboard with regards to storytelling, but it never lingers like a sore throat.