Pagadi Aattam Movie Download in 720p

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Pagadi Aattam Movie Download in 720p

A top cop investigates the case of a missing youth who is allegedly involved in the romantic deception of girls.

Review: Suriya is a spoiled brat who cheats on girls in the name of romance. Born in a rich family, with charming looks and charming demeanor, winning the love of girls is an easy task for them. Hailing from a middle-class family, Kaushalya is one of those girls who fall into their trap.

  • Release date: 17 February 2017 (India)
  • Director: Ram K. Chandran
  • Music by: Karthik Raja
  • Production companies: Marram Movies; Bharani Movies

His family, which includes a mother and an older sister, is torn apart after taking the extreme step due to betrayal in a relationship with Suriya.

Pagadi Aattam Movie Download in 720p Tamilrockers Tamilyogi

One day, Surya is kidnapped and finds himself trapped in a wooden box resembling a coffin. A scared Surya gets a call from the kidnapper who refuses to reveal his identity.

The kidnapper assures him that he will let him go if he agrees to the former’s demand. Surya gets the shock of his life when an unknown kidnapper asks him to give up his genitalia. Overwhelmed by the disappearance of their only son, Surya’s parents lodged a police complaint, following which ACP Devendra Kumar (Rahman) took up the matter.

He starts questioning his friends and several girlfriends and later suspects Kaushalya’s sister in the matter. What happens during the investigation forms the rest of the story.

Rahman, who only appears in the second half of the film, much to the surprise of the audience, does a neat job in his role, which is a cake-walk for him.

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Other artists, mostly amateurs, are fine. Partly inspired by the Hollywood flick Buried, the story and its execution fall flat. The technical aspects also hardly offer anything to please.

The critical and commercial success of ‘Duruvangal 16’ is perhaps the only reason why the makers of ‘Pagadi Aattam’ got the courage to issue this message, but otherwise taxing the lifestyle of the modern youth.

Suriya (Debutante) Nijalgal is the rich child of Ravi and Sudha, who have many girlfriends and are adept at keeping them ignorant of each other. In one of his encounters with a girl, he is kidnapped by an unknown man and locked in a coffin-like box.

There is a cell phone and a man reminds her of her past sins and Suriya guesses her to be a relative of an innocent college girl Kaushalya (budding). The rest of the screenplay is whether she is rescued and what happened to the girl.

The newcomer playing the villainous Suriya is a good find and could make an impact if he gets a chance to work in better films. Similarly the girl playing the innocent Kaushalya is easy on the eyes and brings to life a first year college student. Rahman as the police officer and Gauri Nandha as the heroine’s auto driver sister do what is required of them.

For a screenplay that takes its time shifting music director Kartik Raja and the rest of the technical team including cinematographer Krishnakumar has done a good job.

Pagadi Aattam Movie Download

Karthik uses his father’s timeless classic “Ilayamayanam Poongatre”, sung by SPB in intervals, to great effect. Similarly the song “Enna Anna Kanavu Kandayo” from ‘Valli’ is used in the climax and it is because of Ilayaraja’s voice that we feel what is happening on screen.

Writer-director Ram K Chandran, a lawyer by profession, tries to convey the message of how innocent girls ruin their lives by trusting rich men and immoral girls. But the screenplay, which is heavily borrowed from “Buried” and “Vazhakku Earn 18/9,” is so tedious that even the relatively fine climax and twists don’t provide the desired effect.

Verdict: Venture into this game at your own risk if only to get some relevant message across to the youth of today.