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Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Download Movierulz 480p, 720p 1080p

Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Download Movierulz 480p, 720p 1080p: Director Vinayan’s new venture is well titled, referring to the time period when it could have chosen a character’s name so easily.

The film’s primary cinematic liberties – and the conceit of the story – are to bring together three different historical figures who were active in Kerala during that (titular) period, to weave a fictionalized history of resistance. Being reminded of RRR by this What If-like concept isn’t entirely a stretch.

Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Download Movierulz

The voiceover narration begins with Mohanlal and ends with Mammootty, giving contemporary importance to a pop-culture project that is trying to document the history of its region.

Nangeli, Kayamkulam Kochunni and Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker are personalities who have entered the public consciousness through historical accounts and popular culture. This particular film stars Velayudha as the primary anchor to add dramatic context to the familiar story of Nangeli.

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This particular film uses Velyudha Panicker as the primary anchor to add dramatic context to the familiar story of Nangeli.

The former thus becomes the “hero” of the film and a mentor figure to the latter, the only character with arc resemblance to a group of other flat, one-dimensional characters.

This one-dimensional nature isn’t a problem with antagonists, as the depravity of their crimes is enough to give them weight as characters.

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But it is protagonist Velayudha Panicker’s journey of inspiration as a character that prevents the film from impressing as much as it should. There was hardly any tension felt in the very first instance of their rebellion.

It’s a classic setting to pack your punches for the ‘impossible hero’ trope. But the problem here is his lack of focus on the feelings that preceded his actions. Raising his physical punches with a stylistic slow pace compared to understanding who he is as a person.

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Next in line is a significant time jump, and he’s now a famous messiah with a peculiar “look”. This reveal of change may be a good example for using slo-mo, but it plays out in an extremely important way.

It’s troubling enough that a movie so obsessed with “height” in its fight scenes doesn’t know how long to promote the hero as effectively as boost the villain.

Newcomer Kayadu Lohar essays Nangeli with spirit, but the film’s sensibilities are too dated for the character to inspire intrigue beyond what’s being told on screen.

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Siju Wilson excels as Velayudha Panicker. The six months the actor spent preparing for the role have not gone waste. Siju learnt martial arts and horse-riding, among other skills, to transform successfully as Velayudha Panicker.

With the best role in his career, it is certain that Siju would find his place as an action hero in Malayalam. Nangeli, brought to life effectively by Kannada actress Kayadu Lohar, is another highlight of the movie. 

Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Download in 1080p

I constantly wished the narrative were actually centered around her and the journey towards her tragic end. This is truly her story. Her arc has milestones, a mentor figure, and its own subplot too, with the one exposing how patriarchy functioned within oppressor caste circles.

The ingredients for a compelling central character are all in there, but putting the male figure’s generic story at the center of attention ends up looking like an absolutely lackluster choice.