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Paurashpur Web Series Download Tamilrockers 123mkv

Paurashpur Web Series Download Tamilrockers 123mkv: In a state dominated by men, winning the war against gender equality is the final battle of the sexes.

Each character is gray and they must fight for what they think is right in order to survive in Paurashpur.

Set in the 16th century, it’s a story of a fictitious place ‘Paurashpur’ which is ruled by men. And here women hold no stand in society.

Paurashpur Web Series Download Tamilrockers 123mkv

Movie Name: Paurashpur
Directed By: Sachindra Vats
Release Date: 25 December 2020
Size: 400 Mb

The story is of a kingdom, Paurashpur, ruled by King Bhadra Pratap Singh (Annu Kapoor) where women are treated as an object to fulfill men’s lustful desires.

Women have no stand in the society; they are considered as ‘Slaves’ to men, they need to follow ‘Sati’ ritual after their husband’s demise, and they are compelled to wear the ‘Chastity Belt’ with a lock on their private parts.

And anybody who dares to defy these rules are publicly executed. King’s first wife Meeravati (Shilpa Shinde) ensures that his ‘carnal’ needs are met and provides him with young queens to satiate him but they disappear mysteriously from the palace.

Paurashpur Web Series Download Tamilrockers

Boris (Milind Soman), the transgender who consistently makes the King uncomfortable with his presence, has some connection to the queens’ abductions. In this highly patriarchal society, will there ever be a hope of gender equality for women? This show intends to answer this.

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Directed by Shachindra Vats, this seven-part series bought together many ingredients—good setup, great casting, and strong background score— but the final dish turns out to be not-so-inviting.

Every episode of this period drama winds up unexpectedly that hampers the overall pace of the series. However, the era of the 16th century is depicted through beautiful sets and costumes that score well on the overall look and feel of the series.

Paurashpur Web Series Download Filmyzilla

With so many elements, a concept like this had ample potential and needed additional efforts from the writers— Baljeet Singh Chaddha, Rajesh Tripathi, Chital Rajesh Tripathi, and dialogues writer Ranveer Pratap Singh—but this one looks like a half-hearted commitment.

Many loose ends keep bothering the viewers throughout, for instance, why Boris is furious with the King? Is it just because of discrimination or something else? Why is Meeravati, King’s favorite queen? Also, it is supposed to be an erotic drama but the scenes are quite cliched and not-so-stirring.

Only Milind Soman is the saving grace of the show as he gives everything to his character, Boris. He makes a decent attempt to behave like a transgender but ends up looking smoking hot in that look too.

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Annu Kapoor delivers a decent performance and succeeds in evoking feelings of hatred for him. Shilpa Shinde has done a good job as beauty with brains, Queen Meeravati. Overall, the characters fail to leave a mark as the writing lacks depth.

In conclusion, the plot of ‘Paurashpur’ unfolds to draw out the state of women in society and addresses some significant issues like patriarchy, gender politics and power.

Paurashpur Web Series Download

However, it ends up being a tedious watch due to its weak endeavor. Though the end of this season introduces Shaheer Sheikh’s character ‘Veer Singh’, who will be having a major role in the subsequent season and might help to tie up the loose ends.