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Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series 480p 720p

Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series 480p 720p: Like many other couples living in Max city, Aditi (Sai) and Atul (Lalit) are trying to live their life on their own terms.

But extra sweet families wish they had kids. Even a distant uncle has to taunt both of them for not conceiving even after 3 years of marriage.

So the frustration of being bullied constantly led him to decide to adopt a pet. But they adopt 2. How it turns out and many things show.

Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series 480p 720p

Movie Name: Pet Puran
Directed By: Dnyanesh Zoting
Release Date: 6 May, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Sometimes some shows just touch your heart, and it’s not necessary that the world understands or likes them like you do.

Pet Puran definitely falls in that category. When we discuss the lack of slice-of-life stories on OTT, we forget to mention ‘With Depth’ and the Sai Tamhankar starrer is a perfect example of how you make it up.

A story, heart, soul, a solid struggle and no coercive message to bother you in the slightest. Marathi content is moving in the right direction.

Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series Filmyzilla

Produced, written and directed by Gyanesh Zotting, Pet Purana finds its soul in the tug of war between society and a couple who want to live their life.

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Of course, the product is being sold as a gimmick with a couple adopting a pet and all the crappy stuff.

But would you stick to the hype if they told you it was about two individuals growing up about the conditioning they were forced into? Well, the show covers it so beautifully.

Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series Filmywap

Pet Puraan opens to a banquet full of people at a baby shower irritating Aditi and Atul to have their own kids.

Someone says they were fast enough to elope and get married. And you are suddenly pulled back and made to realise not all in the crowd are caring for them.

Some are merely entertaining themselves. Zoting who does a whole lot of work in this 6-episode show knows how to layer his world.

Pet Puran 2022 Hindi Sony Web Series Filmyhit

He creates a character that has been conditioned to behave a certain way. When he/she breaks free, they aim exactly what they were refrained from doing.

There is patriarchy at play here. A patriarch named Nana is sitting away, but still recklessly criticizing his cultured son Atul for his life choices.

He mocks her for being a chef. He is not even allowed to have a dog. Whenever someone blesses Aditi and Atul for a child, they speak of the Diva (Deepak) of the house, which means a boy.

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Zotting does a remarkable job of not making this sermon to any point.