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Dec 18, 2021 Featured

Pushpa Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p Filmywap

Pushpa Raj is a coolie who grows up in a world of red sandalwood smuggling. On the way, he does not shy away from making one or two enemies.

With Pushpa: The Rise, Sukumar ventures into uncharted territory by creating a rustic masala film filled with punchy dialogues, characters speaking in Chittoor dialect and a story deeply rooted in that region. And seeing how the expectations were after Rangasthalam, what he gives turns out to be a mixed bag that takes longer, sometimes falters and delivers on what he promises to others.

Movie Name:Pushpa
Release Date:17 December 2021

Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun) is one of the many porters of Seshachalam who illegally harvests red sandalwood and sells it to the forces for kilos. In a syndicate consisting of several players, Pushpa gradually learns to establish her footing and rise up the ranks until the person who cuts down these trees once becomes the orderer.

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However, his Achilles heel is not his lady love Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna), or big-wigs Konda Reddy (Ajay Ghosh), Jolly Reddy (Dhananjay), Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) and his wife Dakshinayani (Anasuya Bardwaj). It is the fact that her brother (Ajay) will not let her claim his lineage, which in no time takes Pushpa from zero to hundred and is often the loser of this laid-back, sarcastic, arrogant, even funny man. becomes the cause. His calm And just as he wants to be in life, there comes IPS Bhanwar Singh Shekawat (Fahd Faasil), who threatens to overthrow the carefully crafted order placed by Pushpa.

Pushpa: The Rise is supported by a story that is often explored in cinema – the rise of the downtrodden. So Sukumar really has nothing new to explore here. What’s new is that he chooses to spend time before things get rough, expanding the story and setting Pushpa’s character in a span of three hours for the entire film. And this move may not really go down well with everyone because despite all the ruckus, it is essentially the same film.

Pushpa may have made many enemies, but none of them remotely matched her steadfast nature, that is, until Shekawat arrived in the city.

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Sukumar’s film does well when she sticks to the story and focuses on the finer nitty-gritty of red sandalwood smuggling, Pushpa’s contribution in making things smooth, etc. Where the film falters is when it tries to pull off a strange (and problematic) romance. Between him and Srivalli, it doesn’t always work out or even add to the bigger story at hand.

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Sure, Pushpa gets a chance to be her own knight-in-shining-armor, but it seems the story is taken in one direction she would have gone anyway. The final confrontation between Pushpa and Shekawat also doesn’t have the desired effect, which turns out to be hasty and the latter character feels heavy.

VFX, art direction, editing and sound design are also heavy in some scenes. The team of Pushpa: The Rise did not hide the fact that they had to hurry to release the film on time and it shows through the cracks.

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Given the already unreasonable run-time, technical glitches only make the flaws more apparent. Where Pushpa: The Rise shines is when it comes to the casting, direction, cinematography, costumes and music for the most part. Sure, Devi Sri Prasad’s BGM can sound heavy at times, but her music makes up for it as it blends well into the story.

Cinematographer Miroslav Kuba Brosek and director Sukumar seem to have found the perfect groove for this film to complement each other with their work. The costume of Pushpa’s character appears to change depending on her position in this world.

The supporting cast also gets a chance to shine, despite occasionally playing characters that are nothing more than cookie-cutter.

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Rashmika also seems lost in a film which has high testosterone content. On the other hand Anasuya gets a scene with Sunil which proves that he is fit in this world. Samantha’s cameo in Oo Antawa Oo Oo Antawa whistles, to no one’s surprise.

All said and done, Pushpa: The Rise is a show by All Arjun. He shines in playing this rustic character who is tough on the surface but vulnerable in ways that others don’t see. Allu Arjun fans may be happy to see him shaking a leg in numbers like Sami Sami and Aai Bidda Idhi Na Adda, but he really shines when he fights for power, Peter Hein, Ram-Lakshman in some surprising action.

Choreograph scenes or when he is constantly shying away from being called Coolie Oda because he knows he is too good for her as others stereotype him. He also gets a chance to show glimpses of his acting, the dialect he has worked hard on, when he makes a film like this on a large scale, sometimes he even makes you laugh.

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Unlike other big budget extravaganzas, the protagonist in Pushpa: The Rise does not belong to a highly respected family. The hero played by an amazing Allu Arjun does not have the responsibility of living the history, culture or tradition of his family. In fact, it is the lack of family support that drives her to dare to film.

The film tells the story of an estranged Pushpa Raj. Born out of wedlock, Pushpa was denied respect at a very young age and robbed of her identity.

Now, his name has no significance in the hill town of Seshachalam. Motivated by this humiliation, Pushpa vows that her name would mean something without the support of her father’s family.

And what better way to improve your station than to make quick money and gain real power? Pushpa is born in the land of ‘red gold’ – Seshachalam is blessed with abundance of a rare wood, which is red.

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It has a huge demand in the international markets. A massive crime syndicate led by Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) oversees the illegal felling of trees, transporting them and smuggling them across the world by sea. Pushpa starts from the bottom of this organized crime. He’s just a crew in the machine, highly expandable to the top dogs until he shows what he’s capable of.

Pushpa’s fortunes begin to change as he begins to rapidly amass wealth and power through his never-ending approach. While the other woodcutters leave the race on seeing the police, Pushpa refuses to back down. He stands his ground and beats the police.

When the police surround the smugglers and threaten to shoot unless they surrender, Pushpa commits the first offense, encouraging the others to follow her. Because, “Pushpa raj, thagde le (I will not agree),” which is his mantra. His quick rise also puts him in the crosshairs of a mighty villain.

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All Pushpa wants is to move past her past and make the world respect her for her merits, not to downplay her existence as she cannot publicly name her father. But, when he thinks he has defeated his past and is in control of his destiny, his past comes back to haunt him. No matter how successful and powerful he becomes, for some, he is still a man who deserves their fear and obedience, but not their respect.

The story is not just about how the protagonist amass wealth and power with muscle power and quick thinking. But, it is also an indictment of a deeply prejudiced, class and caste-ridden society.

Pushpa The Rise is director Sukumar’s second successive film in which the protagonist hails from the lowest strata of the society. His last film Rangasthalam starring Ram Charan also featured a younger man clinging to older people.

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Her story telling style becomes bold in Pushpa. He turns both his hero and villain down to him to prove a point: It’s not who you are down to, it’s what you do that defines you. Yes, I borrowed that line from Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. And it perfectly sums up Sukumar’s film, a sprawling tale of an underdog who rises through the ranks of the underworld at a break-neck speed.

Allu Arjun walks away from the film with his strong acting. He embraces his deglamorized look and delivers a memorable performance. He also tickles our awkward bone with his bromance with his sidekick.

However, the women in this story remain firmly in the grip of stereotypes. Rashmika Mandanna’s Srivalli gets a promising introduction, but along the way, she loses her independence and happily sits at Pushpa’s feet.

Anasuya Bharadwaj’s Dakshinayani gets to re-imagine Goodfellas’ “Wake Up Henry” scene as she sits on top of her husband, ready to slit his throat. But, it means nothing or adds to the overall dynamism.

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The origin story gradually opens up in more detail and Pushpa is often questioned about her family name. This is a trope that has been heavily used by many mainstream films, especially with a wayward protagonist. Pushpa’s only vulnerability is when someone makes fun of her origins.

Sukumar gives Pushpa a distinctive gait with a raised right shoulder and an always present, but that never really makes her weak. Not even when he is confronting the supposedly brutal gangsters at every step of the smuggling syndicate. The three smugglers hardly pose a threat to Pushpa. Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) appears dangerous on a comparative scale. The supposedly brave soldier Govindappa (enemy) is soon forgotten and finally disappears in the blink of an eye. The lack of a solid opponent makes Pushpa’s lead quite easy.

What makes Pushpa so ruthless and ambitious? We’ll never know. The story wants us to be satisfied with the argument that he never got his due since childhood, neither in terms of money nor in terms of dignity, and now he wants it all. He knows a thing or two about the hunter-gatherer cycle (the song ‘Dako Dakko Meka’ is a catchy, upbeat number on screen) and wants to stay on top of it. can he?

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Despite the lack of depth in the characterization, Allu Arjun makes Pushparaj striking. He is a master of swagger and in control of things. He shows the tact needed for his part and brings restraint to the emotional parts.

Most of Pushpa’s part takes place in the jungle and the atmosphere adds to the immersive quality of the film. Miroslav Kuba Brosek’s camera draws us into the forest, bringing to life the interplay of deep green and dark gray and the land and its people, contrasting with the sparkling waters. The music and background score of Devi Sri Prasad make the rustic ambience all the more appealing.

Pushpa starts off as a gripping story, before it wraps up with a silly romance track and crawls to a poignant ending after the intermission. The less said about the characterization of women in this film, the better. As Srivalli, Rashmika needs to exude rustic fervor and nothing else.

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And who thought it was funny that the hero asked a woman to kiss him for ₹5000? Later, Srivalli tells him that she still loves him and felt that his actions stemmed from the fact that he didn’t know better. For a moment, I hoped that this scene would set everything right, but what he said soon dashed all hopes.

The much-hyped special song featuring Samantha Ruth Prabhu gets the expected response in theaters, but you can’t help wondering if someone of her stature and ability needed to do this. Is it time to eliminate item numbers?

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The women in this film range from a weeping, good mother on one side to a smuggler’s paan-chewing, poison-spewing bejeweled wife (Anasuya Bharadwaj), both clichés. After Rangamma in Rangasthalam, Anasuya deserved better.

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But the biggest disappointment lies with Fahadh Faasil. He will see a lot more in the second part, but the little we get from him in this film is disappointing. You don’t need a fart over the top opponent.

Pushpa – The Rise is sharp in some segments and soft in others. Allu Arjun handles the film, but his arrival with Sukumar should have made for a more gripping narrative. Perhaps the second part, Pushpa – Niyam, would be better.