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Pushpa Movie Download: Pushpa Movie Download in Hindi 720p Telegram Link

Pushpa Movie Download: Pushpa Movie Download in Hindi 720p Telegram Link: ‘Pushpa: The Rise,’ directed by Sukumar and featuring Allu Arjun as the protagonist, is a Telugu language film that narrates the story of a laborer who rises in power and becomes a part of the red sander syndicate.

Pushpa is the name of the protagonist, who fears nothing and strives for ultimate power and control. Throughout the film, he reminds his enemies that he is not Pushpa the flower but rather the fire.

Pushpa Movie Download: Pushpa Movie Download in Hindi 720p Telegram Link

Movie Name: Pushpa
Directed By: Sukumar
Release Date: 17 December 2021
Size: 400 Mb

With several iconic dialogues and the usual slow-motion action sequences, it is the ultimate “masala” film that you can imagine. However, with a runtime of 178 minutes, it seems a little stretched in some places.

Although, in her early years, Pushpa worked as a laborer in a mill, but she did not believe in the respect of the mill owner to provide her her fair salary. He worked for money, not for respect.

Hence, the film establishes his fearlessness from the very first time. People around him knew that he would make it big in life, and thus joined Keshav in hopes of earning some extra bucks by becoming Pushpa’s trusted person.

Pushpa Movie Download in Hindi 720p

Pushpa’s mother was a widower, and from childhood, he was denied the surname of his father as he was born out of wedlock.

Pushpa was known as Pushpa Raj from childhood, a man without a surname, thus making him casteless. He was deeply attached to his mother and wanted to keep her happy after all the struggles she had to face.

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One day, he joined the coolies who were in charge of providing the red sanders that were illegally transported from the Seshachalam Hills in Andhra Pradesh.

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While the shrewd DSP, Govindappa, tried to bust the illegal activity, Pushpa used his intelligence to save the day. It was only after saving a huge amount of red sander, did Pushpa win the trust of the Reddy brothers.

He further proposed a brilliant plan to transport the red sander that would not be confiscated by the police.

The red sander was placed at the bottom of the truck and sealed; the top portion of the truck was filled with milk, which would lead the police to believe that only milk was being transported.

Pushpa Movie Download

With the success of his plan, Pushpa gradually became a shareholder of the Reddy brothers’ business. His newfound success brought him wealth and popularity.