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Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download in 480p [400MB]

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download in 480p [400MB]: Shiva and Saira fall madly in love; A reincarnated lover from Saira’s past life sneaks into the couple’s life and threatens their happiness.

Saira jumps into the water and is able to save Shiv this time. The film ends with Shiv humorously telling their children to not believe Saira if she tells them any far-fetched stories about reincarnation, implying that he is still oblivious to the fact that they had a past life.

The film started with Shiv moving from India to Budapest for a job as a banker, along with his friend Radha. Shiv is shown to have been a fun-loving womanizer back home and continues this behavior in Budapest.

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download in 480p [400MB]

Movie Name: Raabta
Directed By: Dinesh Vijan
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Size: 400 Mb

Saira is haunted by mysterious nightmares of drowning to death. She lives by herself in Budapest and works as a chocolatier. Shiv happens upon Saira’s shop while on a date with a woman but finds himself deeply attracted to Saira.

Though she initially rejects his advances, she eventually succumbs and sleeps with Shiv, revealing the next day that she actually has a boyfriend and what happened with Shiv was a mistake.

Unwilling to let go of their connection, Shiv interrupts their date and shows Saira that she would rather be with him than with her boyfriend.

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download in 480p

Saira’s boyfriend angrily breaks up with her, and Shiv and Saira start spending time together, growing close.

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One night, they go to a club with Radha, where they happen upon an eccentric psychic who knows about Saira’s nightmares and tells her that the events of her previous life will repeat themselves, and only she can fix them.

Saira tearfully reveals to Shiv that she has a fear of water because her parents drowned after a car accident when she was two years old.

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

A shirtless Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) emerging from the water body in a gurudwara with his six pack abs prominently in focus! That’s how Raabta unravels onscreen with the first shot.

Shiv next lands up in Budapest for work. For all those who think bankers are boring, this Punjabi munda debunks that myth! He is a charming bloke when it comes to flirting and throwing cheesy pick-up lines at women.

On one such date, his eyes fall on the lovely Saira (Kriti Sanon) in a patisserie. Sparks flow instantly and our boy gets swept off the feet.

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download Filmywap

He begins to work his charming ways on Saira and she slowly reciprocates his feelings. Soon the couple realizes that there’s more to their ‘one night stand’.

Meanwhile, Saira continues to have flashes about drowning in water and a hazy past life. She also suffers from hydrophobia. However, doubts arise when she feels a karmic connection with Shiv and a fortune teller warns her about history repeating itself.

Bollywood has seen several reincarnation films in the past but debutante director Dinesh Vijan’s Raabta has a whiff of fresh air when it comes to the backdrop of the plot.

Raabta (2017) Hindi Full Movie Download

Unfortunately this doesn’t prevent him from defying logic and steering clear of stereotypes and cliches.