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Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p: Anjaam Pathira is a very clichéd procedural serial killer thriller.

It doesn’t offer anything new to the genre except Shayju Khalid’s magic as cinematographer and Sushin-Shyam’s background score.

Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Ragasiya Kolaiyali
Directed By: Not Known
Release Date: Not Known
Size: 400 Mb

Another disturbing part of the film is the acting which is terrible from some of the supporting cast. Kunchko is quite skilled and the astonishing performance of the villain is also really superb.

The suspense thriller genre in Malayalam Cinema rebounds after a 6 year hiatus (Memories, Drishyam), and boy it’s a treat!

What makes this genre revival all the more special, interesting, and exciting is that it’s not from Jeethu Joseph this time, but from the director who is most renowned for his cult comedy film Aadu.

Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download Isamini

Just like how it was in the much acclaimed 2018 Tamil serial killer thriller Ratsasan, here Midhun Manuel Thomas wastes no time to get to the premise, and it is one hell of a ride from there.

The build-up is phenomenal and the tension is sustained all through. For once, I wished there was no intermission and I was like “come on!” literally.

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Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download Filmyzilla

It scores above Ratsasan in quite some aspects though. There is no unwanted romance track, and therefore no songs to hamper the flow.

The final act is less archaic and more tactfully handled. It is formulaic, yes. But the overall output is a delight, atmospheric and ticking with suspense.

Ragasiya Kolaiyali Movie Download

A great chunk of the credit goes to Midhun Manuel’s engrossing writing and skilful direction, Shyju Khalid’s able cinematography, and Sushin Shyam’s eerie score. All the performances are decent.