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Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download Tamilyogi Movieada

Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download Tamilyogi Movieada: The film opens with the blurred image of a man murdering a girl (Ashima Narwal) by slitting her throat and later a body of a charred man is found and Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) surrenders to the police.

 The flashback shows that Prabhakaran and Dharani (Ashima Narwal) are neighbours and he is stalking her. Straight-laced cop Karthikeyan (Arjun) starts investigating and suspects Dharani and her mother (Seetha) of the second crime.

Are the two women guilty? What is the connection between them and Prabhakaran? and is Prabhakaran a cold-blooded psychopath murderer or something beyond is what ‘Kolaigaran’ is all about.

Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download Tamilyogi Movieada

Movie Name: Ragasiya Kolayali
Directed By: Not Known
Release Date: 9 April, 2020
Size: 400 Mb

Vijay Antony has achieved mastery in deadpan expressions and once again it helps in adding that much more mystery to his character.

He is very convincing in the couple of brutal murders he commits and has come good in the emotional climax sequence.  Action King Arjun brings authority to the tenacious cop Karthikeyan without much effort.

Ashima Narwal plays the girl next door and looks it every bit and is a good debut for her in Tamil cinema.

Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download Tamilyogi

Veterans Nassar and Seeth important roles that they sleepwalk in while Bhagavathy Perumal also makes a not so impressive appearance.

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What works best in ‘Kolaigaran’ is the twists and turns thrown every ten minutes that hold attention in spite of being contrived most of the time.

The schizophrenia angle to the lead character adds to the intrigue and pays off well, emotionally in the climax. Vijay Antony’s backstory (once again contrived) helps in justifying how he fools the cops.  The minus points in the screenplay are covered up by a well-executed climax.

Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download Movieada

The dialogues are stilted, and the majority of the scenes appear manufactured, preventing the audience from really interacting with the characters and plot.

At the halfway point, Karthikeyan learns who Prabhakaran is, and the biggest mystery is that he waits till the conclusion to figure out why the suspect is enamoured with the girl.

The theme song for ‘Kolaigaran,’ which is already a smash, is played throughout the film in various orchestrations to great effect.

Ragasiya Kolayali Tamil Movie Download

The tunes are catchy, yet they’re put at the most inconvenient places. Mukesh’s cinematography is also a significant advantage in terms of expressing stressful situations, especially when the storyline shifts to a whodunit. Richard Kevin could have accelerated the pace, as the film’s runtime of less than two hours is not ideal.