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Rang Punjab Full Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Rang Punjab Full Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p: In true Bollywood style (which should be a given considering it is produced by Raj Kundra), Rang Punjab lives up to the expectations of a stylish crime drama, in its good cop-demolition-bad guy story.

As SP Karamveer Singh, essayed by Deep Sidhu, chases the trigger happy villains led by Laali (Kartar Cheema) and his aides, the story stays true to its plot from the first shot.

Rang Punjab Full Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Rang Punjab
Directed By: Rakesh Mehta
Release Date: 23 November 2018
Size: 400 Mb

While writer, Gurpreet Bhullar deserves credit for his focused story writing, the story teller in director Rakesh Mehta, has done justice to the script by staying on track single-mindedly.

Don’t be surprised if the film doesn’t digress towards romance or other peripheral characters, because Rang Panjab is only out to narrate a saga of how to restore the true colours of Punjab, out from the clutches of gangster violence.

And lest you have forgotten the infamous facebook declarations by Punjab gangsters during committing a crime, Kartar will give you a refresher course by going live on fb while murdering a couple in Sector 17, where Karamveer’s love, Gurleen too gets caught in the fire.

Rang Punjab Full Movie Download Deep Sidhu

Dilpreet Baba Dahan, anyone? In its attempt at hammering the point of good trumps bad, the film has made a laudable effort at modernizing Punjabi scripts, in its actors who are stylized and sensibly dramatic, without going overboard.

Deep, who comes from a professional resume of films on gangsters (Jora 10 Numbariya), though a man of few words in the film, adds intensity to Karamveer and plays the tough cop with animate passion.

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Both in dialogue, and temperament, Deep stays a modern Punjabi man. His nemesis, Kartar too adds gravitas to the villain in his beefed up physique and rugged mannerisms.

Rang Punjab Full Movie Watch Online

It is almost fun watching the two face off with competitive charisma on screen. Though the film rambles before the interval, it suddenly bursts into action thereafter.

True to norm in Punjabi cinema, female characters, including lead role of Simran, the second love for Karamveer, played by Reena Rai, has nothing to add, or take away from the script.

We’d recommend, watch this one to dismiss the hitherto held concept of, Punjabi films are lacking in storytelling.

Rang Punjab Full Movie Download

As for the thrill of drama and Bollywood like punches, gunfire et al, they all come complimentary with the tale.