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RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download in Full HD Online Isaimini

RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download in Full HD Online Isaimini: Appusamy is a farmer, who becomes a father after several years. The baby becomes ill after a few days, following which he is admitted to the hospital.

Doctor asks Appusamy to buy a few medicines. He withdraws Rs 2000 from an ATM and goes to medicals to buy the medicine. However, several shopkeeps refuse to take the money as it had something written with pen on it.

RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download in Full HD Online Isaimini

Movie Name: RS 2000
Directed By: Rudhran
Release Date: 3 Dec, 2021
Size: 400 Mb

Appusamy is not able to bring the medicine on time and his baby dies. He reaches out to advocate Bharathi Krishnakumar to take up his case in the court.

Meanwhile, Bharathi’s assistant Rudhran’s wife is murdered as they had performed intercaste marriage. He files a case against his parents as well.

What is the verdict of these two cases forms the rest of the story. The film is written and directed by Rudran. He has raised two sensitive topics and presented it very well.

RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download in Full HD

The team has recounted the hardships people faced during demonetisation. Honor killing angle adds more sentimental value to the theme. The film could have been better with better screenplay.

Bharathi Krishnakumar has performed exceptionally well and kept the proceedings going. Rudran has played an emotional role and has done full justice to his character.

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Based on the backdrop of demonetization in India, the film revolves around a farmer who is in need of an urgent medical aid but is being denied of one because of his poor financial condition. All he has with him is a rupee 2000 note.

RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download Isaimini

A Tamil film that talks about the aftermath of demonetisation is all set to hit the screens soon.

The director of the film Rudhran said, “Though the demonetisation in India happened in 2016, there are people in rural pockets of India, who are still bearing the brunt of it. That is the crux of Rs 2000.”

“A farmer, who needs an urgent medical aid is being denied of one because all he has with him is a 2000 rs note. This is a proper feature film with necessary commercial elements in place and will not look like a documentary at any point of the runtime,” he assured.

RS 2000 Tamil Movie Download

Rudhran added that the film is in its post-production stages and will release in theatres soon.