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Sarafina Movie Download in Fzmovies 480p 720p 1080p

Sarafina Movie Download in Fzmovies 480p 720p 1080p: “Sarafina!” has been classified PG-13 by the wise people at the MPAA Code and Ratings Administration, who explain the rating in these words:

“For scenes of apartheid-driven violence.” What does that mean? That the MPAA believes all violence is not equally objectionable? That ordinary violence might get the R rating, but if it’s “driven” by apartheid, well, that’s a different matter?

The most violent scene in the film shows a group of black schoolchildren pouring gasoline on a black policeman and burning him alive.

Sarafina Movie Download in Fzmovies 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Sarafina
Directed By: Darrell Roodt
R elease Date: September 18, 1992
Size: 400 Mb

But the policeman has been revealed as an instrument of apartheid, which apparently means he had it coming to him, and explains the PG-13 instead of the R. There are also scenes of South African soldiers, black and white, shooting school children dead.

The MPAA in its torturous efforts at Political Correctness only mirrors the underlying confusion of this production, which has taken a wonderful musical and turned it into a confused and misleading narrative quagmire.

You can still see what made “Sarafina!” great on the stage – the great music, the dancing, the energy, the spirit of the young South Africans who perform it.

Sarafina Movie Download Fzmovies

You can see the luminous work of young Leleti Khumalo, who played the title role onstage and brings the movie to glorious life.

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But you can also see a misguided attempt to take an inspirational musical and turn it into a half-hearted attempt to deal with the labyrinth of South African politics, by filmmakers who lack a clear idea of what they want to say or how they want to say it.

The movie stars Khumalo as a bright young student who is inspired by her teacher (Whoopi Goldberg) to dream of a better tomorrow.

Sarafina Movie Download in 480p

The teacher makes statements in her classroom that sound like common sense to us – but like communism to the South African authorities, circa 1976, who arrest her and take her away.

The movie has opened with a sequence of school children burning down part of their own school; now they stage protests that lead to armed intervention, the detention and torture of possible witnesses, and the burning death of the black policeman.

SARAFINA! is an emotionally and politically impassioned story that registers the anti-apartheid movement’s anger and hope in an infectious musical context and refutes revenge, violence and murder as a solution. However, the movie is biased, distorting the situation in South Africa and placing Mandella on a pedestal.

Sarafina Movie Download in 720p

Sarafina! begins in Sowetto, South Africa, as young Sarafina speaks to Nelson Mandella’s photograph. She has a remarkable teacher played by Whoopi Goldberg.

Under this teacher, Sarafina learns that freedom is not enough but also how to develop inner pride and have a goal. The teacher tells the students that it is okay to fight back but not to kill.

However, Sarafina’s friends are rebels. When riots break out, the police shoot, and students are murdered. In retaliation, the students locate a black police man whom they burn to death.

Sarafina Movie Download

Later, students are imprisoned. In prison, Sarafina realizes that Mandella cannot hear her. Upon release, Sarafina visits her mother, confessing the murder. She now considers her mother a hero for working and accepting her responsibilities.