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Jul 18, 2022 Featured

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After being postponed several times, the long-awaited sequel Sharik 2 has finally hit the theaters on July 8, 2022. If you are planning to hit the theaters for a full look at the action drama of the two SHAREEEKs, then here is our SHAREEEK 2 movie review to guide you. You to the highest level of Sharekebazi.

The standalone sequel to the superhit Punjabi film Sharik released in 2015 is directed by Navneet Singh. It stars two stalwarts of Punjabi cinema Jimmy Shergill and Dev Kharoud as SHAREEKs. The cast of the film also includes Sharan Kaur, Jugraj Singh, Mukul Dev, Aman Sutdhar, Amar Noori and Sunita Dhir. Here’s a spoiler-free insight into the film that will focus on the bright and dreary side of it.

Shareek 2 Full Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

As the title suggests, this is another story of bloody rivalries of two brothers. The trailer has already made us clear about the plot of the film, Sharik 2 is the story of two half-brothers who hate each other due to differences in parenting. Jassa (Jimmy Shergill) and Gurbaaz (Dev Kharoud), both are full of unfathomable hatred for each other.

As the pranks weren’t enough, a girl enters the story and makes the rivalry worse. Both the Randhawa half-brothers try every trick with their dictionary to injure each other. But are they the king of this bloody game or is someone else using them as pawns to take their revenge? This game of sharing, who lives – who dies, who is the hero – who is the villain and who really wins, is a roller coaster ride for all these questions.

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Now if we talk about the story, it is not something unique which we have not heard or predicted but the style and intensity with which it is portrayed on screen is something commendable. Fans who have seen the trailer will keep other theories in mind, but the film comes with many twists and turns which is truly commendable for a Punjabi film. Some may dislike the climax but it was the most serialized climax ever for a Punjabi film.

Shareek 2 Full Movie Download
Shareek 2 Full Movie Download

Jimmy Shergill in the movie? There is no need to explain much about acting. He is such a perfectionist who no one can dislike whatever he does. His expressions, dialogue delivery and the royal body language in the film deserve many compliments but one word is outstanding. He once again lived his character of Jassa and made all the fans crazy about him. There is no doubt why the fans were eagerly waiting for this acting maestro to return to the Punjabi screen.

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Dev Kharoud who played the role of Gurbaz Singh Randhawa. We have already seen his intense performances in films like Dakuan Da Munda and DSP Dev, and this time also did not fail to make an impact. He gave his best in the role of Baaz.

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However, at times it seems that he is overacting, for example in an emotional hospital scene, where he fails to delve deep into the emotions. But overall, he portrayed his character beautifully and made sure that the audience does not blink a second when he is on screen.

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The much talked about two shariks now it’s time for the lady who made the rivalry fierce. Roopi Kaur, played by Bhavya Sharan Kaur, is Baaz’s love interest in the film, but she marries Jasswa, why? You will have to watch the movie for that but for now, we can assure you that Sharan has played his role perfectly, and there is not a single scene in the film where she misses the character. From lover with huge tantrums to helpless wife, she played her role perfectly.

Mukul Dev, the well-known face of the prequel Shariq, plays the role of Narinder Singh Randhawa, an alcoholic uncle. He was brilliant in the role of a Shakuni type uncle, who injects hatred into the blood of Baz and Jassa. Jugraj Singh, the beast of Punjabi cinema, plays the role of Daddy Randhawa, Bhupinder Singh Randhawa. He was very good in his small but impressive role.

Shareek 2 Full Movie Download Filmyhit

Other supporting actors like Aman Sutdhar, Amar Noori and Sunita Dheer were brilliant in their respective roles. He supported the lead actors in the right way as the supporting cast should.

Veteran Punjabi director, Navneet Singh, who directed the original Shaariq in 2015, has also directed Shaariq 2. He has done a great job in providing the best for the Punjabi audience. However, the only aspect that he failed to focus on is the emotional sections of the film. Had he added more salt to the emotional scenes, it would have been an absolute delight for the Punjabi audience. Otherwise, he has done a commendable job in giving a classic touch to the modern day Punjabi film.

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Music is the soul of a drama film, and the music of Shaariq 2 has tried hard to complement the visuals but sometimes fails to do so. The songs were not too raucous but acceptable in terms of the script. One song that added to the charm of the entire film was Yasir Hussain’s Mere Saiyaan.

However, based on the same ideology, Sharik 2 had a completely different storyline from its prequel and deserved much fan appreciation.

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The story begins in flashback with an old Jaswant Singh Randhawa aka Jassa (Jimmy Shergill) playing the role of the narrator to his son in a wheelchair, who comes to avenge his mother’s murder at the hands of Jassa many years ago. Is. What unfolds is a story of betrayal, vengeance and misunderstanding that results in bloodshed for the families of both Jassa and her half-brother Gurbaz (Dev Kharoud).

The story is the master stroke in Sharik 2 – it is interesting, compelling and intriguing, thanks to its author. Weaving out a centuries-old battle over land in Punjab that has divided families that have been disgraced for centuries, the film doesn’t touch on a new theme, yet it takes the subject to the audience wrapped in unexpected intrigues.

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Doing full justice to the play are actors Jimmy, Dev and Sharan Kaur who play the character of Roopi. Jimmy marks his presence in Punjabi cinema after a few years, and what a comeback! His subtle acting as the patriarch of the perfect Randhawa clan and the gravity he brings to Jassa, the play between a loving husband and a man who resorts to honor killings, is majestic. His portrayal of Jassa is a reminder of why we need him more often in Punjabi films.

Playing yet another gray shade, Dev Kharoud, who has so easily converted the audience from hatred to sympathy for Gurbaaz, as he transitions into his character from a true lover to a true lover, Who forgives even if he poisons his woman. Him. Dev, perhaps reiterating the intensity of his previous roles, did something he has become a master of, but the variations of his role in this film are worth noting.

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The only (surprisingly) villain in Sharik 2 is Mukul Dev who plays Shakuni’s uncle and never lets the fire go out between the two half-brothers. Kudos to Mukul for continuing the intrigue in the plot without really revealing what his next move would be.

Sharan is a newbie to Punjabi films, yet in Sharik 2 she has matured beyond her years and experience as she deftly handles the role of Rupi who is critical of the hatred between the brothers. Amar Noori, who plays Gurbaaz’s mother, deserves special praise for portraying the character of a wife who has not been given a legitimate place by the society. Yograj Singh’s stake in Sharik 2 Pie is perhaps less as he plays Bhupinder Singh Randhawa, yet his presence is an unavoidable treat.

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The music, which is compelling and deep, adds to the engaging narration of the story, keeping the sense of sadness alive.

Lastly, Sharik 2 belongs to director Navneet Singh, who has brilliantly adapted a story from the heartland of Punjab with a sound technical hand and strong editing. Those who have doubts that there is a lack of content in the Punjabi industry, they should go and watch this film.