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Shoorveer Web Series Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p

Shoorveer Web Series Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p: Hotstar’s latest series Shoorveer, Veer, an air force officer, is introduced as someone who goes against the rules and charts his own path, often ignoring the instructions from the Air Traffic Control.

“He is born to be a fighter pilot,” says his colleague. In the next few moments, we see shots of a fighter jet circling the sky, twisting and turning as the pilot loses consciousness. Sound familiar?

Shoorveer Web Series Download 480p 720p 1080p

The entire sequence reminded me of Top Gun Maverick, which was spearheaded by a brilliant Tom Cruise and some breathtaking air combat sequences. If only Shoorveer director Kanishk Varma could have brought in a fraction of that finesse in his execution.

Yes yes, I know apples and oranges. So, I continued watching Shoorveer, fighting against my impulse to re-watch Top Gun instead. Alas, the next four episodes were no improvement.

Hotstar’s new original series Shoorveer looked like the latest in a long series of web shows and films that have been made on the Indian armed forces in recent years. From Uri to Avrodh, there is no dearth of such shows.

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Thankfully though, Shoorveer is different, and mostly in good ways. For one, it is largely about the Air Force and hence, much of the action takes place in the air.

Despite the limited budget, Shoorveer does a great job with visual effects and aerial dogfight sequences at a scale never before seen on Indian television or streaming scene. Yet, the show isn’t great in itself, hurt by a loose and predictable plot.

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Once again there is the same gimmick: fighting the “dushman (Pakistan) jo ghar mein ghuss chuka hai”. For this, there is a team of Hawks, soldiers from the three defence forces, in the making.

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But when “humaari lanka ka bhedi humaare hi ghar mein chupa hai” (someone from inside the country is helping the enemy),” how will they fight? Will they be able to outdo the cunning enemy? Will the enemy succeed in the attack?

In many ways, Shoorveer is like Top Gun, although the comparison is unfair to the show. It is probably made on a budget that is 5% of the Tom Cruise film.

But thematically and visually, the similarities exist. Both involve young officers trying to learn to be a team and some aerial action.

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Word of advice, if you have recently watched Top Gun: Maverick, don’t bother comparing the dogfights from it with Shoorveer’s action. But when viewed in isolation, it is stunning.

There have been very few shows on the air force in India. Saara Aakash and Chhoona Hai Aasmaan come to mind. But both those shows stand nowhere in front of the slick action depicted in Shoorveer.

The dogfights look real enough to suspend disbelief. Even the ground action is well choreographed and does not look amateurish. This is the greatest victory of the show.

Shoorveer Web Series Download Hd

Samar Khan’s ‘Shoorveer Season 1’ was released on July 15 on OTT. The action-thriller is yet another story of the armed forces taking on the threats to the nation.

The series revolves around an elite unit undertaking a mission that will test the limits of their courage and grit, as an imminent attack threatens India.

The web show stars Karishma Irani, Scam 1992 star Anjali Barot, Preeti Gupta, Shivraj Walvekar, Arif Zakaria, Manish Chaudhari and other popular television and OTT actors.

Shoorveer Web Series Download 720p

While Kanishk Varma is the director of the series, the writing credits are held by Samar Khan and Sagar Pandya.

Sandeep Mishra and Bharat Bohra, who has produced the Baaghi franchise and popular series ‘Avrodh: The Siege Within’, are the producers for this project. Pratik Deora, who is known for shooting films like ‘Sanak’ and ‘Footfairy’, has done the cinematography for the series.