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Shudra The rising Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p Filmywap

Shudra – The Rising is a Hindi movie released on 19 October 2012. Its story is based on the caste system prevalent in India which still exists to some extent. It is directed by Sanjeev Jaiswal.

Rudraksh Adventures Pvt. Ltd.’s Shudra – The Rising (UA), as the title suggests, is about a Dalit Shudra caste that rebels for atrocities on upper caste people.

Thakur (Shaji Choudhary) catches an eye on Sandhali (Kiran Sharad), a Shudra, who is pregnant. Despite the appeal of her husband, Charan (Praveen Baby), Thakur’s puppeteer takes away Sandhali by force so that she can have sex with Thakur.

Shudra The Rising Full Movie Download 480p

Movie Name:Shudra The rising
Directed By:Sanjiv Jaiswal
Release Date:19 Oct 2012
Size:400 Mb

They beat Charna so mercilessly that she eventually died. Badri (Sridhar Dubey) and Bheru (Mahesh Balraj) suffered similar losses at the hands of upper caste Brahmins and Kshatriyas, when they were treated inhumanely. Badri had lost his father (Sundar) because the upper caste people did not allow him to take water for drinking, the pond in which their children were swimming.

Bheru’s younger son, Channa (Radha Srivastava), was murdered after he too innocently recited a sacred line, inviting the wrath of a caste-conscious Pandit (Satyam Chauhan).

Eventually, one day, Badri, Bheru, Bala (Aref Rajput) and Madhav (Gauri Shankar), the four Shudras, decide to rebel.

They kill Thakur’s son Raja Thakur (Anurag Shukla). This enraged the Thakur so much that he set fire to the entire residence of the Shudras, killing almost everyone.

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However, some Shudras put up a very tough fight to Thakur’s men, who had come to set fire to their colony, killing everyone including Thakur’s right-hand man, Kartar Singh (Shabaz Baweja).

The film’s story and screenplay, both penned by Sanjeev Jaiswal, are well written, but they give the audience the impression that he is watching a documentary on Shudras. To assume that today’s general audience frequents theaters to watch such a serious drama is a fallacy.

There is no entertainment in the film that depicts poverty, exploitation and rebellion. In this sense, the film becomes an uncommercial fare.

Shudra the rising movie download 720p

Moreover, it follows a very predictable route and, therefore, does not have an element of surprise. The dialogues (Sanjeev Jaiswal) are as realistic as the drama.

Kiran does a great job as Sharad Sandhali. Praveen Baby has done a great job in the character of Charna. Sridhar Dubey as Badri is excellent. Mahesh Balraj also shines in the role of Bheru. As his wife, Priya Annatram is dominant.

Shudra the rising movie download 480p

Arif Rajput does well as Sandhali’s brother Bala. Gauri Shankar is good as Madhav. Shaji Choudhary does an average job as Thakur. Shabaz Baweja as Kartar Singh is fine. Satyam Chauhan (as Pandit), Ankita (as Sandhali’s sister, Aarohi), Habib Azmi (as Baba, as Sandhali’s father-in-law) and Radha Srivastava (as Channa) provide great support. Huh. Sundar (as Badri’s old father), Sabita Singh (as the fat lady, Jugni) and the rest do as they wish.

Sanjeev Jaiswal’s direction is apt. He has handled the subject of his first venture with the necessary sensitivity. Music by Jaan Nisar Lone and expressive lyrics by Tanveer Ghazi and Shiv Sagar suit the mood of the play. Jaan Nisar Lone’s background score is fine.

Prateek Deora effectively captured the drama through the lens of the camera. Anwar’s art direction is good. Editing (Krishna Shukla) OK.

Shudra the rising hindi movie download filmywap

Overall, Shudra – The Rising may be a well made and well made film, but its commercial prospects are almost nil.

Story: The film depicts the exploitation of the lower caste by the upper caste. In the film the Thakurs burn down the entire Shudra village because this community had killed the Thakur’s son. But the Shudras killed Thakur’s son because of his atrocities.

The film depicts how the upper caste people exploit and molest the lower caste. Rather than a story, the film is a sequel to incidents of rape, murder, tongue-biting and other atrocities committed on the villagers.

According to the upper caste rule, the lower caste people i.e. Shudras have to tie bells on their ankles so that its rings can announce their presence so that the higher castes can stay out of their way.

Since Dr. Ambedkar was a victim of the caste system, he was not admitted to many schools because of his caste; Who were not allowed to drink or eat water with other school children, so this film gives examples of people who fought against exploitation of weaker section. It also gives the example of Martin Luther King and other leaders.

Shudra The rising Movie Download

In short clippings, this film also shows that this system exists in today’s world and not only in India but also in other countries.

Conclusion: The story is on sensational point and moving forward. But had it been made as a documentary rather than a feature film, it would have left an effective message.