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Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi 480p Filmywap

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi 480p Filmywap: A four-year-old Rama is abandoned at the monastery by a man named Ananda Mohan and is promised that Sita will come to take care of him. He promises Rama that he too will take care of Sita in return.

However, after waiting for 20 years, when Sita finally meets Rama, she is overcome with good intentions towards Rama. Considering these discoveries, the plot revolves around the ultimate fate of Rama and Sita.

It comes in fragments, as it is a story that is narrated to Afreen by different people who had known Ram and Sita in the past. She learns about a person who proves every belief of hers about Indian wrong.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi

She learns about a woman who gave it all for her love. The idea is interesting. To introduce hate first, and then reveal things that which would destroy hate from within — love, hope, dreams and more. So in that vein, Ram’s life symbolises the hopes and dreams of many who want a world absent of hatred.

Starring Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles, Sita Ramam is a visually beautiful tale of love and loss. It has all the makings of being labelled a classic love story, but falls short in certain aspects.

The characters in Sita Ramam are not just two-dimensional but are written with multiple layers. For instance, we get to know the compassionate side of Ram, when he cleverly saves the innocent natives even though his command asks him to do otherwise.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Telugu

The scene also makes it clear that he isn’t an outsider who is alien to the culture of the locals. If Hanu’s writing makes you root for Ram, Dulquer’s seamless portrayal of the character makes you cherish his journey.

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He finds a perfect balance between being a mature man and a hopeless romantic. The third act especially proves once again what the actor is capable of.

The film flits between two time period — the 1960s and the 1980s. It starts with a patriotic young Pakistani woman, Afreen, burning a car of a respected Indian figure in London in 1980s.

Sita Ram Movie Download Tamil

She has a massive hatred for anything or anyone Indian. She is symbolises the animosity and hatred that brewed between India and Pakistan after the partition.

Mrunal Thakur, who makes her debut in Telugu with Sita Ramam, has given a great performance. That in combination with Chinmayi’s voice do add wonders.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi’s “Sita Ramam” is not just a love story, but is also about humanity, patriotism, and sacrifice. Though it begins and runs like a romantic drama, the film has a strong message: choose humanity over enmity, love over war. It has different timelines and many places to cover including London, Kashmir, Pakistan, and Hyderabad.

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For a period drama, ‘Sita Ramam’ does look a tad too colourful at times. But the multitude of emotions, the air of whimsicality, and the ensemble cast lend the whole film a glorious aura. Some of the combination scenes between the different characters are written to elicit feelings of gloom.

Mrunal Thakur’s is one of the loveliest performances by a female lead in recent times and there are no two ways about it.

Her expressive eyes, her charming smile, and her graceful looks make her layered character look utterly believable. Dulquer Salmaan’s classy performance makes this love story an affair to remember.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi 720p

The chemistry between the lead pair is so pure and pristine that anything less than extraordinary music and cinematography would have been greatly disappointing.

Dulquer and Rashmika play their part convincingly. The best scene in the film is the moment where Ram clicks a picture of Sita in his friend’s home.

He is reflected in the camera, while she is the object of his attention. In the end, I wondered if this snapshot was foreshadowing the end. Ram as only a reflection in Sita’s life.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla

Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur suited perfectly to their roles, both are charming and share wonderful chemistry between them, and are convincing to their parts. Rashmika in a brief but important role makes her presence felt.

Sumanth gets a meaty character that has more substance towards the end of the story. Vennela Kishore’s comedy track is boring. Tarun Bhascker Dassyam has not much to do.

Her hatred of Indians does not stem from personal experience though. She is the granddaughter of Brigadier Taariq, who is clearly against her blind hatred of the neighbouring country.