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Sita Ram Movie Download Tamilrockers In Hindi Filmyzilla

Sita Ram Movie Download Tamilrockers In Hindi Filmyzilla: Sita Ramam is a love story set in the backdrop of a war.

Most people watching Sita Ramam would be expecting to see a classic, old school love story told with the influence of the Ramayana. Well, the film has got it all, and for starters, its leads are named Sita and Ram.

But, director Hanu Raghavapudi doesn’t stop there, he goes on to deliver a carefully packed film with layers and beautiful characters. Notably, Sita Ramam’s narrative style elevates it to become a beloved and cherished romantic period drama.

Sita Ram Movie Download Tamilrockers

Sita Ramam does justice to all its characters. Gautham Vasudev Menon as Major Selvan, Sumanth as Brigadier Vishnu Sharma, and Prakash Raj as a high-rank officer, have brief appearances, but their characters add a lot of value to the screen time they occupy.

What sticks out like a sore thumb is the force-fitted humour sequences involving Balaji (Tharun Bhascker) and Subramanyam (Murali Sharma). I understand the intention is to deliver comic relief, but their entire act sadly falls flat.

The characters in Sita Ramam are not just two-dimensional but are written with multiple layers. For instance, we get to know the compassionate side of Ram, when he cleverly saves the innocent natives even though his command asks him to do otherwise.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi

The scene also makes it clear that he isn’t an outsider who is alien to the culture of the locals. If Hanu’s writing makes you root for Ram, Dulquer’s seamless portrayal of the character makes you cherish his journey.

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He finds a perfect balance between being a mature man and a hopeless romantic. The third act especially proves once again what the actor is capable of.

The film also justifies the Hindu epic, Ramayana, on which it is loosely based on. Ram goes in search of Sita whose whereabouts are unknown.

Sita Ram Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla

Fire strands the couple when Ram rescues Sita (though the myth has Hanuman setting Ceylon on fire), and Ram’s friend disguises himself as Hanuman to help him find Sita.

For a period drama, ‘Sita Ramam’ does look a tad too colourful at times. But the multitude of emotions, the air of whimsicality, and the ensemble cast lend the whole film a glorious aura. Some of the combination scenes between the different characters are written to elicit feelings of gloom.

Mrunal Thakur’s is one of the loveliest performances by a female lead in recent times and there are no two ways about it.

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Her expressive eyes, her charming smile, and her graceful looks make her layered character look utterly believable. Dulquer Salmaan’s classy performance makes this love story an affair to remember.

The chemistry between the lead pair is so pure and pristine that anything less than extraordinary music and cinematography would have been greatly disappointing.

There are references to the myth peppered all over, but they are done subtly so that the essence of the main story remains the same.