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Sivan Udukkai Movie Download in Isaimini 720p Tamilrockers

Sivan Udukkai Movie Download in Isaimini 720p Tamilrockers: Known from the Xiii th century, it is a drum barrel converted hourglass by adding hanging ends over the membranes.

Kudduka is similar but the grelotte is not played with a stick. It is still used in the rituals of Kerala music by the Marars caste and forms of folk dances.

Sivan Udukkai Movie Download in Isaimini 720p Tamilrockers

Movie Name: Sivan Udukkai
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Release Date: 7 April, 2022
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Given its small size, it accompanies traveling musicians as well. These drums are characterized by a variable tension of the pitch of the sound during play and thus have a melodious tone as rhythmic.

48cm long and 18cm in diameter, the body of the instrument is carved out of wood. Cow or goat skin membranes are affixed to a thick (2 cm) ring (22 cm in diameter).

In vegetable fiber, with six holes through which a cotton tension cord passes, allowing the membrane to be wrapped in W. Can be kept in place. The bells are attached to the lacing.

Sivan Udukkai Movie Download in Isaimini

This armpit drum is suspended from the percussionist’s left shoulder by means of a strap.

The right hand strikes the skin while the left hand ensures variation in tension by tightening the middle of the rope covered with a wide cotton bandage.

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The udukkai, udukai or udukku is a member of the family of Membranophone percussion instruments from India and Nepal are used in folk music and prayers in Tamil Nadu.

Sivan Udukkai Movie Download in Tamilrockers

The drum is an ancient design of the bell tower drum similar to the northern damaru and southern Idakka.

Its shape is similar to that of other Indian bell drums, with a small snare protruding on one side.

They are played with the bare hand, and the pitch can be teased by squeezing the laces in the middle. It is made of wood or brass and is very portable.

Sivan Udukkai Movie Download

It also originated in Tamil Nadu. Other members of the family include thehuruk, herko, herko, hudko or hudka, utukai.