Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movie Watch Online

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Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movie Watch Online

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Story: Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram), a young student, returns to his hometown to take care of the family’s Kalyana Mandapam. Will he ever be able to fix the broken relationship he shares with his father Dharam (Sai ​​Kumar)?

Movie NameSr Kalyana Mandapam

Review: Sridhar Gadhe is credited with directing and editing SR Kalyan Mandapam, but actor Kiran Abbavaram handled the story, screenplay and dialogues. While the pop culture references are great, the way he pens the story feels like he’s stuck in the past.

Gang Leader and Vana Vana Velluvaye play at opportune moments to pay tribute to Chiranjeevi. Pawan Kalyan gets that moment when Kushi is played in a local theater and gets a great response like the first day. It’s only when he settles down to his Abbani Tianyi moments with a generous dose of chase that he takes things so far.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. First and foremost, SR Kalyana Mandapam tells the story of an alcoholic father who refuses to grow up – Dharma (Sai ​​Kumar), the Kalyana Mandapam he has inherited and his angry son Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) who is his father.

Refuses to state the issues. The child who once did not leave his father’s side becomes an adult who refuses to speak a word to him. This leaves the father so amazed; That’s all he can talk about when he’s off his daily bottle of wine. When calm, Dharma is too busy feeling upset by his wife Shanti, who just wants to hold her. It’s not just his family, he’s the one everyone gossiping about.

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movie Watch Online

Kalyan has no problem in communicating but how much he likes Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar) Nadumu from the first year of college. She doesn’t mind that she calls him a shameless dog, literally, it is more important to her that her Pawan Kalyan Kushi is with her waist in the moment. So much so that after a while Nadumu seems like a character in his own right because it is everything one can talk about.

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A teacher is also made objective and woven into this ‘gag’. He also has an Arjun Reddy moment when he slaps her twice for no reason, with his explanation as – Na Sindhu Ani Chanuvu To Kotta. Even if he gets slapped in return, it doesn’t hurt to reveal that he ends up with the girl. But unless she dates him, he won’t let anyone else date her.

Also, the most interesting part of SR Kalyana Mandapam is welfare and dharma, especially when no one knows what it is that really separated this father and son. Sadly, the answer isn’t interesting enough to sit through during the two and a half hour long runtime.

When every conflict in the film is resolved in a simple way, there is nothing to root for here. You want to root for Kalyan, simply because he is the protagonist of this story, but he never gives you a chance. Chaitan Bhardwaj’s songs don’t seem out of place in the script, but only the sucky Kallara makes a mark.

Kiran Abbavaram gives a decent performance, even as he pens random upgrades and fight sequences for himself. He is a delight to watch on-screen, even delivering emotional monologues in one shot. Sai Kumar is dependable in his role, even if he relies on over-the-top behavior at times.

Priyanka Jawalkar is quite good in her role, giving her best with what she has to offer. SR Kalyan Mandapam strives to be a compelling story backed by a novel story, but falls into the trap of every other family or romantic drama of the 90s. Is this enough to drive people to theatres? Time will tell.

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