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Sundari Gardens Movie Download Filmyzilla in 480p 720p 1080p

Sundari Gardens Movie Download Filmyzilla in 480p 720p 1080p: Sundari, aka Suma, a divorcee and cancer survivor, lives with her mother and works as a librarian at a local school in an idyllic town in Kerala. Played by Aparna Balamurali, Suma comes across as self-consciously relatable.

The film begins with a melodious song by Madhura Jeeva Raagam, which sets a calm mood for this catchy film. Sundari Garden revolves around the day-to-day life of Sundari (aka) Suma, a happy-go-lucky lady.

Sundari Gardens Movie Download Filmyzilla

She works as a librarian at her alma mater. In her 30s, leading a single life, the beauty finds happiness at home with her mother, and takes comfort in several sips of vodka.

Her regular life takes an interesting detour when Victor Paul (Neeraj Madhav) joins the school as an English teacher. Before she can express her feelings, Victor is joined by another colleague, Lekha (Lakshmi Menon). Even as his unrequited love hits rock bottom, life hits him with another arrogant iceberg.

Finding herself at a critical crossroads, the beauty is forced to find strength and an inner resolve she didn’t know she had. It’s tempting to see a relatively relatable woman written by a man.

Sundari Gardens Movie Download In Hindi

Charlie Davis’s empathetic understanding and sensitivity is a breath of fresh air. While we still see films that reiterate the societal expectations of women: being the embodiment of perfection, Sundari Garden stays away from endorsing such nonsensical labels.

It is this honesty that not only forms the bedrock of Sundari Garden but also helps it to stand apart.

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As we go through this musical film, the life of the beauty, her choices, her mistakes, her flaws, her confidence and her emotions unfold for us to take a deep dive into the life of one of the most relatable women out there. our movies. In a crucial scene, the beauty says, “I am a mess, but I can handle myself.”

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Sundari Garden is yet another Malayalam film which expresses its love for the picturesque backdrop of Kottayam and its neighboring places.

Victor is exactly the kind of beauty someone would love to have as a partner. He is tired of his mother’s matchmaking scenes. After Victor joins the school as an English teacher, they both share a good rapport and they have interesting conversations over a few drinking sessions which are very cool to watch.

Neeraj Madhav is undoubtedly the perfect choice for the role of Victor. Neeraj is back on screen after a long time and he deserves all your time.

Sundari Gardens Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

As a Librarian, Charlie subtly establishes that Sundari is well-versed with every single book’s placement and details in the library. Such is her commitment to work.

From here, the movie just revolves around Sundari. We see her eventually falling in love with Victor, and then we wonder what she will do about it.

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The movie is less than two hours and has no sudden twists or turns. Yet, it does not bore us at any interval. In fact, the movie is almost like a musical as most of the sequences just turn into montages with instrumental music in the background. Therefore the movie travels with the breeze and becomes a light-hearted watch.

Swaroop Philip’s charming frames breathe new life into spacious old central Kerala homes surrounded by green blankets and a quaint school library, and they are a visual delight. Alphons Joseph is the backbone of the film and brings a refreshing ambiance to Sundari Garden.