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Takkar Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers 720p, 1080p

Takkar Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers 720p, 1080p: Ravi Malhotra, a photographer, is implicated by a corrupt policeman D’Costa a day before his wedding. While in jail, Ravi studies law to take revenge on his criminal.

Takkar revolves around the lives of three characters — Ravi Malhotra (Sunil Shetty), Mohini (Sonali Bendre) and Inspector D’Costa (Naseeruddin Shah).

Ravi is a freelance photographer, in love with Mohini, who works hard to make a living so they can be together.

Takkar Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers 720p, 1080p

Movie Name: Takkar
Directed By: Karthik G. Krish
Release Date: 8th December, 2020
Size: 400 Mb

Inspector D’Costa is an efficient but corrupt cop who takes advantage of criminals by helping them in return for money and then double crossing them;

He pretends to be on the side of the law. No one is considered strong or wise enough to confront D’costa.

D’Costa sees Ravi and Mohini on the beach one day, and he immediately falls for her.

Takkar Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers

To keep Ravi away from her, he falsely implicates Ravi in ​​a drug deal case in a fake raid a day before his marriage to Mohini.

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Ravi has been sentenced to four years imprisonment. In jail, Ravi decides to study law so that he can fight injustice.

He is helped by inmates like Kaku (Rakesh Bedi) who is in jail because of D’Costa and wants to get him killed.

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In Ravi’s absence, D’Costa befriends Mohini. She begins to like and respect him as though he were a good man.

After two years, Ravi is released from jail because of good behavior and on efforts by DCP Mishra (Shafi Inamdar) made on Mohini’s pleas.

Soon Ravi and Mohini are married. D’Costa learns about Ravi’s release from prison and his marriage. Infuriated, he harasses the couple repeatedly to get close to Mohini.

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But Mohini never gives in to D’Costa’s moves. Ravi soon learns that it was D’Costa who had framed him on the day before his marriage, and he decides to take revenge.

He follows D’Costa closely, watching all his activities. Being a photographer, he captures the cop on camera.

DCP Mishra is assassinated by D’Costa when they both rescue a group of school children from terrorists by holding them captive in a school.

Takkar Tamil Movie Download

This is noted by Ravi, and he explains it publicly. D’Costa tries to eliminate Ravi but in vain.

Soon the police (at Ravi’s request) arrange an investigation, and Ravi takes on the role of prosecutor’s lawyer. Ravi traps D’Costa in his own words, leading him to confess his crime. He also gives evidence for this.