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Timepass 3 Movie Download Filmywap 480p Telegram Link: After finally clearing his class XII exams, Dagdu Parab is all set to start afresh by taking admission in a science college. His chemistry with classmate Palvi is also cooking up. But will this love story proceed without any hindrance?

The third edition of Ravi Jadhav’s hit comedy franchise Timepass continues with young foibles and romantic adventures, played by the Siddhant character, Dagadu aka DSP ((Prathmesh Parab), yet again.

The 2015 sequel, Timepass 2, was released in the first part. So this third installment, Timepass 3, follows the story of a little Dagdu, and his friends, Kombada, Malaria and Balbharti.

Timepass 3 Movie Download Filmywap

The story largely centers on Dagdu’s ‘hook or badass’ attempt to pass the 12th standard examination and proceeds with paying a princely sum of Rs 25,000 to gain admission with his ‘typical’ 36% marks in science.

Once in college, Dagdu seeks to turn a new leaf and almost succeeds – until he falls for Tapori Porgi Palvi (Hrita Durgule), the daughter of a don named Dinkar Patil aka DP (Sanjay Narvekar). goes.

Palawi falls in love with Dagdu’s newly entangled calm, soft-spoken, gentlemanly demeanor. But of course, their old flame’s father Prajakta, the villain-in-chief Madhav Lele aka Shakal (Vaibhav Mangal), is not going to allow this new ‘true love’ to run its course.

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There’s not much of a plot to work with here – just another set of events meshed together with a few punch lines and rhyming dialogues to generate comedic moments.

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But more than the slapstick set-pieces, it’s the mashed-up lingo that earns a few titters.

Nothing to laugh out loud here…but the first 40 odd minutes of the runtime manages to earn a fair bit of smiles before the narrative begins to get heavy-duty and all weighed down by contradictions, misguided righteous angst and sentiment – all that don’t really make logical sense.

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Prathamesh Parab does a fair job as Dagadu. Hruta Durgule shines in the role of Palvi. Sanjay Narvekar is entertaining as Palvi’s father, Dinkar Patil.

Bhau Kadam does not have too many comic scenes; he is alright as Dagadu’s father. Vaibhav Mangale does quite well as teacher Madhav Lele.

Timepass 3 is an Indian Marathi language Romantic, Drama movie of 2022. The film stars Prathamesh Parab, Hruta Durgule in lead roles and Ravi Jadhav in supporting roles.

Timepass 3 Movie Download Link

This film is Directed by Ravi Jadhav and Produced by Meghana Jadhav. It is made under the banner of Athaansh Communication and Zee studios.

Manmeet Pem (as Balbharti), Omkar Raut (as Kombda), Anvita Phaltankar (as Chanda), Jayesh Chavan (as Malaria) and Aarti Wadagbalkar (as Dagadu’s sister, Manda) lend nice support.

Ravi Jadhav’s direction is fair. But a more substantive script would’ve helped. Amitraj’s music and Kshitij Patwardhan’s lyrics are quite nice, but absence of hit music is sorely felt. Song picturisations (by Rahul Thombre and Sanjeev Howladar) are decent.

Timepass 3 Movie Download Link Telegram

Harsh, Karan and Aditya’s (Trineeti Bros.) background music is okay. Lawrence Alex D’cunha’s camerawork is up to the mark. Santosh Suresh Phutane’s art direction is functional. Jayant Jathar’s editing leaves something to be desired.

Unfortunately none of the characters here play true to type. In its attempt to spring a few surprises, the scripting becomes wayward with characters appearing opportunistic rather than true.

The songs don’t bring any relief either. Instead, they feel forced and totally out-of-place – especially the tasteless number that comes just after Dagdu’s invite to Palavi to attend a Satyanarayan puja.