Varan Bhat Loncha Movie Download Filmywap 720p

Jan 20, 2022 Featured

Varan Bhat Loncha Movie Download Filmywap 720p

Nay Varna Bhat Loncha Kon Ne Koncha has been in the news ever since the trailer of the film dropped online, especially since the past few days when National Commission for Women (NCW) chief Rekha Sharma wrote a letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

In the letter, the NCW chief called for a ban on ‘open circulation of sexually explicit material involving minors on social media platforms’, stating that the trailer of the Mahesh Manjrekar film shows sexually explicit material and does not include women and women. Represents minors in an objectionable manner.

The crime-drama is based on the late Jayant Pawar’s story Varan Bhat Loncha ni Kon Ne Koncha. It revolves around the lives of two young boys from a chawl in Mumbai, who venture into the world of crime.

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After his father, a dreaded gangster is killed, young Digya’s (Prem Dharmadhikari) sole ambition is to become a gangster and find and kill the man who killed his father.

Supporting him in all his works is his friend Ilyas (Varad Nagvekar). Like any teenager, these two are also learning new things about the human body and human behavior every day.

However, except Digya’s grandmother (Chhaya Kadam), who also has a house to run, there is no one to explain those things properly.

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Growing up in financially and socially dire circumstances, there is not much one can do to help these two, especially when they have decided to take the path of crime, which will eventually lead to jail or death.

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The film has substantial highlights from Manjrekar’s Vaastav (1999) and Lalbagh Parel (2010), which also depicts the impact of the closure of Mumbai’s mills on the families of mill workers and the younger generation of these families getting involved in criminal activities. . Manjrekar has even said that these three films complete his trilogy.

While NVLKNK is essentially a revenge crime-drama with a difficult story, two things work against the film – the unnecessary title and the gore. Not to say that these two are completely unnecessary in the movie, but it ends here.

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On his part, Manjrekar has tried his best to hide the violence and explicit scenes, not paying as much attention to the activity as to the reason behind it.

The film takes a Quentin Tarantino-like approach, not only in terms of content and violence, but also in terms of non-linear treatment. But it reveals much more than it is capable of hiding, allowing NVLKNK to guess.
The high points of the film come through in the performances.

Youngster Prem is dangerous as a courageous and determined boy who wants to be the king of crime. Varad is convincing as his sidekick.

Veteran actors Chhaya Kadam and Shashank Shende deliver stellar performances while actors like Rohit Haldikar, Umesh Jagtap, Kashmira Shah, Ashwini Kulkarni and Ganesh Yadav help take the story forward.

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This movie has a lot going on at once, but the explicit material, whether necessary or not, often overpowers the tale of vengeance and crime that is NVLKNK. The film is definitely not suitable for the under 18 age group. For adults, this is a movie that you can watch at your own risk.

Digya (Prem Dharmadhikari) is a small boy who is an orphan. The son of a punk-father and a one-time dancer-mother, he lives with his maternal grandmother after the death of his parents. He has a close friend Ilyas (Varad Nagvekar), who is also an orphan.

Digya gets involved in criminal activities at an early age. He also had physical relations with his aunt (Ashwini Kulkarni) after killing his uncle (Atul Kale) and their younger son. Digya kills a few others as well but he soon meets his match in Babi (Shashank Shende), who feels disgusted to see him (Digya) in a compromising position with his own estranged daughter.

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Jayant Pawar has written the story of an orphan living in a chawl and portrayed the reality. Mahesh Vaman Manjrekar’s screenplay is as bold, perfect as it is with sex and intimate scenes and very liberal use of four letter words.

In this sense, his screenplay is a double-edged sword, because while the public will love sex and abuse, women and family audiences will be shunned by him because he is so crude. Jayant Pawar’s dialogues are good for the public because of abusive words.

Prem Dharmadhikari plays the character of Digya. He shines in every scene. His innocent face stands in contrast to his actions in scenes of violence and intimacy.

Varan Bhat Loncha Movie Download

Varad Nagvekar does very well as Ilyas. Chhaya Kadam works well as Digya’s grandmother. Ashwini Kulkarni’s expressions in the intimate scene are impressive. Otherwise his acting is also good. Atul Kale is fine as Digya’s uncle. Shashank Shende is effective as Babi.

Umesh Jagtap has done full justice to his role as Councilor Gawade. Rohit Haldikar is fine as Shirya. Kashmera Shah makes an impression in the form of Shirya’s wife Supriya.

Ganesh Yadav (as Bhakta), Savita Malpekar (as Babi’s unmarried wife), Ganesh Revdekar (as real estate agent Gupta) and the rest gave able support.