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Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download in Moviesda Isaimini 720p

Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download in Moviesda Isaimini 720p: Susienthiran is one director who doesn’t confine himself to any particular genre. He comes up with a surprise action thriller after giving a hit commercial entertainer in quick succession.

Sometimes his plan works out and sometimes it doesn’t. In his latest outing with Jai, Veerapandiyapuram, the director has all the necessary elements and twists for a decent rural action drama, but falters in getting the mix right.

The set-up of the film preps us up for an engaging drama filled with revenge and regret. However as the film progresses, the plot faces multiple deviations and it becomes tough for us to empathise with the lead characters.

Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download in Moviesda Isaimini 720p

Movie Name: Veerapandiyapuram
Directed By: Suseenthiran
Release Date: 18 February 2022
Size: 400 Mb

In the very first scene, we are introduced to Rathnasamy (Sharath Logidas) and Chelladurai (Jayaprakash), the heads of two rival groups in Veerapandiyapuram, who are waiting for a chance to seek revenge on each other.

The loss of lives in both their families has caused unrest among the two groups for years and both men are out for blood despite intervention by many officials.

Next, Venba (Meenakshi Govindharajan), Rathnasamy’s daughter falls head-over-heels in love with Siva (Jai), who claims to be an orphan and an artiste by profession. Knowing her father’s nature, Venba decides to elope with Siva and marry him in the presence of her friends.

Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download Moviesda

However, her dream falls apart when Siva stops the wedding and asks her to take him to her father. Siva says that her father would get convinced if their love is true. When things seem to be going smoothly, Siva’s hidden agenda comes as the surprise element.

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At a time when we think that Siva’s life is at stake, Susienthiran throws in a surprise as Rathnasamy is murdered by Siva, with the help of Solomon (Kaali Venkat). The second half is all about who Siva is and what actually forced him to seek revenge on Rathnasamy and his three brothers.

Susienthiran’s rural drama would have been an interesting watch if the elements were placed right. However, it seemed like the screenplay was written hastily and the songs were forcibly fitted in, disturbing the narrative’s flow. Even with a run time of just two hours, we feel a couple of songs and fight sequences in the first half could have just been skipped.

Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download Isaimini

Jai has debuted as a composer with this film and has done a decent enough job with the background score, which elevates some of the crucial scenes and gets us invested in the emotions. However, the movie’s writing could have been better as things get predictable over time.

The flashback sequences involving Siva and Yasodha (Aakanksha Singh) is something we have witnessed in many movies. That said, Yasodha’s characterisation has a purpose and the job is done convincingly by Aakanksha.

The depth of Jai’s agony is felt only during the pre-climax sequence, especially during the fight sequence that involves gruesome murder of Rathnasamy’s brothers. Though Jai’s last few films didn’t work well at the box office, his earnest performance in this one might win back his lost fans.

Veerapandiyapuram Movie Download

Bala Saravanan’s one-liners don’t work much in this film unlike in his previous one, Eeswaran, which was also directed by Suseinthiran. However, he makes his presence felt with his natural performance.