Velan Movie Download Tamil Rockers 720p, 1080p Free

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Velan Movie Download Tamil Rockers 720p, 1080p Free

In an opening scene in Velan, the protagonist, the titular Velan (Mugen Rao, a confident beginner) goes to college to enroll and is given an application form to fill out. But since he does not know English, he mimics the application of a girl, even marking the female under sex. If you find this kind of scenario amusing, you will be entertained by Velan for the most part. On the other hand, if you find it far-fetched and silly, stay away from this movie unless hate-watching is your cup of tea.

Movie Name:Velan
Director:Kavin Moorthy
Release Date:03 September 2021

The plot revolves around Velan, who, because of his privileged behavior, falls into the evil books of his father Palanisamy (Prabhu gives dignity to the role). He falls in love with his college mate Ananya (Meenakshi Govindarajan), a Malayali. His father fixes Velan’s match with Vidusha (Maria Vincent), who is also a Malayali girl from his college.

Can Velan and Mamukka Dinshan (Suri, who entertains in a kidnapping scene), Vidusha’s lovers, clear the confusion without hurting their father, especially when the girl’s father (Thambi Ramaiah, over-the-top) in top mode) and Velusamy (Harish Peradi, in yet another clichéd bad man character), who harbors hatred for Velan’s family, plotting to embarrass Palanisamy?

Velan Movie Download Tamil Rockers 720p

Velan is a movie where the whole story ends in a matter of minutes if only the characters choose to talk with each other and misidentify and explain things that are obvious. But they only keep adding to the confusion with their actions. It also sincerely believes that innocence is enough to make the audience a beloved hero. She also thinks that female characters should exist only for the sake of hero or villain, they should have no agency of their own.

And the villain must be a person who has bitter animosity towards the hero and his family, but has a change of heart in one instance. In short, it’s effectively a return to the movies of the mid-90s (think Murai Maman or Maman Magal). In some ways, that’s a good thing because you can end up with a delectable entertainment. But on the other hand, the film may seem too simplistic and without profit.

Velan lies somewhere in between these two experiences. It’s not a film that can be recommended wholeheartedly, but at the same time, it’s not bad at all. Is the glass half full or half empty for you?

Since the era of romance, choosing between your parents and the love of your life has been a struggle that has been done to the death. In Velan (Mugen Rao) for some strange pleasure he forgets logical thinking and fights for his father’s honor, even if it means sacrificing the love of his life. The major part of the film emphasizes on making patriarchal respect an emotional arc. Although we find some arguments for it at the very end, it is too late to salvage the damage that has been done.

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We are introduced to Velan as a careless, spoiled boy who bullies high school teachers into projecting his father, Pazanisamy (Prabhu), as a studious, disciplined student. Her act turns out to be right one day, destroying her equation with her father.

Like every hero of Kollywood, he eventually passes 12th standard and enters college. There, he falls in love with Ananya (Meenakshi Govindarajan), a Malayali classmate. Her quest to win love comes to a halt when her family is threatened by Pajanisamy’s past as Palakkad MLA RK Velusamy (Haresh Peradi).

RKV’s revenge on Pazanisamy is perhaps the major conflict of the film, but the film chooses to introduce the character first and reveals the backstory later. While the first act follows the regular commercial tropes of romance and comedy, none of it works.

The prankster Rahul plays a character named Satish – a friend of Velan’s – and his attempts to inspire laughter only enrage us. For example, since Satish does not understand English, he asks Velan what ‘sem pinch’ means and the latter translates it as ‘sema killi’. It even turns out to be a running lie we didn’t demand. Rahul also suddenly disappears, and this is probably one of the better creative choices in the film.

The film gets interesting when the long-awaited interval arrives. The plot thickens with several unexpected revelations when Velan writes a love letter to Ananya in Malayalam. The scene ends in a most oddly interesting fashion, with a ‘hero introduction’ shot for Suri’s character Mamukka Dinshan. The interval block keeps our expectations high, but whatever happens after that is in line with the first half.

During the promotions Suri was promoted as the second protagonist of the film. The character also initially shows promise, but is eventually reduced to just another comedian. While some of their oneliners make you laugh, Sori’s presence is not fully utilized. It was also painful to watch a rape joke in the middle of the film when Suri kidnapped a woman and married her, as did her brother-in-law, Anandakuttan.

Velan is not a significant foray into Tamil cinema, but it is not a film that is difficult to complete. Debut director Kevin’s Whelan is a typical rural family entertainer that talks about the relationship between a loving father and his happy-go-lucky son and with a strange subplot about the latter’s love!

Velan (Mugen Rao) is a happy-go-lucky son of a wealthy and influential industrialist (Prabhu). While Velan’s father thought that his son was a brilliant student, the results of the public examinations come as a shock to him. Our hero fails the exam and his father stops talking to him.

Now, Velan studies hard and gets pass marks but is unable to persuade his father. However, when Velan’s father learns of his son’s love through the girl’s father (Thambi Ramaiah), he agrees to the marriage. But here is the twist, not Velan’s girlfriend, Thambi is Ramaiah’s daughter! How Wellan is going to dispel this illusion and win back both his dad and ladylove is the crux of the story…

Velan Movie Download

Mugen looks energetic, has good comic timing, and pulls off the romantic scenes well. But they must work on emotionally demanding scenes! Veteran Prabhu is super impressive and Thambi Ramaiah is fine. The villainous Harish Peradi is a typical villain and unintentionally creates laughter in the climax. Suri who comes in the second half has a good laugh and plays a pivotal role.

Velan is not a significant foray into Tamil cinema, but it is not a film that is difficult to complete. It’s a typical rural entertainer with a predictable screenplay, but the comedy and emotions work!

Technically, Gopi Sundar’s songs are good and the visuals for the rural film are gorgeous. Kavin’s dialogues also work in favor of the film. Lastly, Velan is a typical rural family action entertainer.