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Arjun joins Rashtrakuta University as an engineering student in the seventh semester. Government aided college is in danger, what are private institutes doing to malign the image of this college and illegal students. Arjun clashes with many people soon after joining the college and it seems like he is on a mission. But who is he?

The team of Rajkumar has once again ensured that the expectations are high from Yuvaratna. The story, which is set in a college campus, tries to put the spotlight on a lot of relevant issues like private institutions trying to make money in the form of education, corruption and even drug abuse. The film has a mix of mass elements with lots of dialogues that try to preach righteousness. Does this mix work? It does to an extent.

Director: Santhosh Ananddram

Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Sayyeshaa, Prakash Raj, Dhananjay, Sai Kumar, Prakash Belavadi

Yuvaratna begins with the suicide of a brilliant student, who falls prey to money-hungry businessmen and his principal’s malice, using it to fight against it. This micro-battle is emblematic of the larger danger that looms large over private colleges trying to shadow government and government-aided colleges. In the midst of this scenario comes Arjun, who joins as an engineering student in the middle of the course. Who is he? What is his mission? What connects Arjuna to this movement?

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Yuvaratna entertains the fans and has a healthy dose of action, emotions, comedy and even romance. While it worked out fine, the seasoning could have used a bit more attention to make it emerge perfect. There are enough characters and most of them have something to do. Though one wishes one or two of the lead actors had a few more roles.

For fans of Power Star, it is a treat as it is a Puneet Rajkumar show. He gets the fight, the dance, the strong mouth lines and the charm with his smile. And he does it all with ease. Prakash Raj has the second most prominent role and he stands up to expectations. Dhananjay and Saikumar also entertain, as does the mischievous Diganth.

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Yuvarathnaa Full Movie Download in hindi

The ensemble cast has a lot of familiar faces, be it Sonu Gowda, Sudharani, Vishal Hegde, Achyuth Kumar or Prakash Belawadi, and all of them work within their limited means.
Yuvaratna, like Rajakumara, is a story about human values. However, this time the backdrop is of a college campus. For those who like their spice delectable, this will not disappoint. The film reminds you of some dramas against the education system, especially in Tamil cinema, but Yuvaratna still has its own charm.

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Yuvarathnaa addresses the important topic of education, and as the film’s slogan, “Power of Youth,” implies, it concentrates on the young people in our society. The movie effectively conveys that one’s conviction either launches an action or it accomplishes nothing in numerous sequences, making good use of Puneeth Rajkumar’s star persona and putting the force of youth in the foreground.

In Yuvarathnaa, there is a dialogue that states, “Education is not a business, it’s a service.” The discussion is about the passing of a merit student. Rashtra Kuta (RK) College, a Government University, is brought to light by this death. Gurudev Deshpande (Prakash Raj), a concerned college dean, goes above and above to obtain justice for the student and visits other colleges to have a petition reconsidered. Arjun (Puneeth Rajkumar), a fresh college student, walks in during his absence. He notices a few inconsistencies and sets out to bring reformation about despite all difficulties. His efforts to tackle corruption and flaws on his own result in the disclosure of his true identity.

The movie emphasises how vital abilities are in addition to academics. It also discusses other topics, such as the function of alumni and their connections to their alma mater, as well as student empowerment.

The filmmaker has worked as a screenwriter, dialogue writer, and lyricist in addition to other roles. The movie will inevitably have certain problems because of its length, loss of concentration on the main plot, and repetitive and pointless action scenes, to mention a few.

The entire film is carried by Puneeth, and he does so expertly. Punch lines, planned fights, and dancing moves keep the audience interested. The second half is when the tale really starts to take off. And Puneeth succeeds in spreading a social message with his larger-than-life persona.

Sayyeshaa, who portrays a young professor, enchants the audience with her presence, and Prakash Raj, who plays a key role, does it with his characteristic elan. Sonu Gowda and Dhananjay did their best with the short screen time they had. However, Diganth’s part surprises us.

The S Thaman songs complement the narrative, and the background music enhances the intensity of several scenes. Our ears continue to ring with the Power of Youth theme music for a time. The greatest images of the campus ambiance were captured by Venkatesh Anguraj’s cinematography.

Overall, the filmmaker has effectively conveyed the value of a solid education while still producing a mainstream entertainment piece that may appeal to a wide audience.

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For his most recent action drama, Yuvarathnaa, KGF producer Vijay Kiragandur teamed up with Kannada Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar. Telugu audiences today also got to see the movie at the same time. Puneeth showed a particular interest in the Telugu version and pushed it. Let’s check out the movie.

After a poor but talented student at RK University College tragically committed himself, Principal Gurudev Deshmukh (Prakash Raj) campaigns against the commercialization of education. The essential principles Gurudev and his RK University stand for are repeatedly under attack by a dishonest education minister (Sai Kumar), a boisterous competitor college head (Diganth), and the vice principal of RK University (Avinash).

But a tenacious pupil by the name of Arjun helps Gurudev (Puneeth Rajkumar). What drives Arjun to support Gurudev and the college? Will he be able to stop the corruption and restore the college’s former glory? To learn the rest of the narrative, you must see the film in a theatre.

Puneeth Rajkumar oozes bravery in a powerful way. He performs well and is a fighter. Once more, Prakash Raj captivates crowds with his sincere performance. Given that the movie is being produced by the company that created the KGF series, the production qualities are high and a lot of money was spent on it.

Everything in the tale happens at the hero’s convenience. In a flash, he finds solutions to every problem at the college. Puneeth and Sayyeshaa don’t seem to have a very hot chemistry. The young woman is only featured in a few scenes and a few songs. The movie’s finale is very straightforward and unsatisfying.

In addition to the predictable and shallow plot, Yuvarathnaa suffers greatly from an excess of mass components and pointless heroes elevation. Every every fight was planned, and there were far too many slow-motion moments designed to simulate hero introductions. The problems are made worse by Thaman’s loud background soundtrack.

In order to be as marketable as possible, director Santhosh attempted to deliver a crucial message on the commercialization of the educational system. Even the primary characters are very unremarkable, as is the plot and the manner in which it was depicted on film.

None of the songs written by Thaman will be remembered when the movie is done, with the exception of the Paatshaala song. The tidy cinematography effectively conveys the majesty to the audience. A few unnecessary sequences, particularly those in the second half involving the parents of the pupils, could have been cut out more ruthlessly by the editor because they serve only to drag the movie in circles.

Overall, Yuvarathnaa is merely another hero-driven movie that falls short of its initial promise. You get the impression that you are seeing yet another commercial potboiler on education commercialization due to the narration’s excess of convenience and liberties. If you enjoy the normal mass masala action melodrama and are a fan of Puneeth Rajkumar, you might want to see the film.