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Zombivli Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p

Zombivli Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p: It involves more than clever punning. A small town on the outskirts of Mumbai, Dombivali, which has the urban sprawl of a metropolis, proves to be the perfect stage for a competition between the living and the fresh dead.

Marathi language Zombivali has been released in theaters with English subtitles. Aditya Sarpotdar’s self-proclaimed “zom-com” has enough thrashing of both zombie spectacle and situational comedy.

Zombivli Full Movie Download Filmywap 720p

Movie Name: Zombivli
Directed By: Aditya Sarpotdar
Release Date: 26 January 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Honest engineer Sudhir (Ame Wagh) and his pregnant wife Sapna (Vaidehi Parashurami) move into a gated colony, which has a dire scarcity of water along with aspirational value. Sudhir has a job in a mineral water factory whose owner Musale (Vijay Nikam) is also the builder of his premises.

Sudhir hasn’t recovered from the mismatch between the realm of advertising and the reality of taking a shower every other day when disaster strikes. The neighboring Janta Nagar slum has a zombie outbreak that begins in a hospital.

The slow-paced 133-minute film based on the story of Mahesh Iyer proves that there are always new ways to revive the decades-old genre. Director Sarpotdar, whose credits include Molly, Faster Fene and That Sholay Girl, sticks to the template and at the same time refreshes it in interesting ways.

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Sarpotdar and his team of writers channel the spirit of George A Romero’s socially conscious zombie films and pay tribute to Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead along the way.

Zombivli plays out largely as a comedy with mostly harmless bodies jerking about. It’s the humans of Dombivli, including the venal Musale and Sudhir’s selfish neighbours, who prove to be far more dangerous.

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A sharp critique of gentrification, mindless urban development and prejudice against slum dwellers is delivered through often hilarious humour. Some of the ideas are inspired, from a parody of the trope of the demonically possessed hand to the antidote that ends the zombiedemic.

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Sarpotdar gets into gear very quickly, but runs into the challenge of cresting wave upon wave of fast-multiplying zombies. The middle section sags with overstretched scenes and tonal inconsistencies, while a few of the secondary characters don’t get the exposition they deserve.

The principal cast is in excellent form. Amey Wagh, literally, as the wide-eyed engineer who gains courage through genocide, and Lalit Prabhakar as the fiery activist who supplies sheer power, an equally matched friend. have pairs.

In a welcome departure from such films, Vaidehi Parashuram as Sudhir’s pregnant wife Sapna, is a rather tough cookie to break the biscuit, ready for whatever comes her way.

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The redoubtable Renuka Daftardar, as Sudhir’s overbearing mother, unfortunately makes only a special appearance. We would have loved to see this finger-wagging matriarch nag the zombies to oblivion. Alongside its title, premise and cast, the movie’s ability to localise a quintessentially Hollywood genre is a big draw.

The much-awaited horror-comedy and the first zombie film in Marathi cinema, Zombivli finally released yesterday (January 26, 2022) in theatres.

Zombivli Movie Download

The Amey Wagh, Lalit Prabhakar and Vaidehi Parashurami-starrer is making headlines with the amazing performances by the cast and engaging storyline. The zom-com directed by ace-director Aditya Sarpotdar is considered as a brave attempt in the Marathi cinema.

The film also stars Trupti Khamkar and Janaki Pathak in the key roles. The film is written by Mahesh Iyer, Sainath Ganuwad and Yogesh Joshi. It has music composed by Vaibhav Deshmukh. Zombivli’s several songs like ‘Vinchu Chawla’ and ‘Angaat Alaya’ have already become chartbusters.

The first Marathi zombie film is receiving positive to mixed reviews from critics. Let’s have a look at some of the critics’ reviews-