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Ivan Thanthiran Movie Download in Filmywap 1080p

Ivan Thanthiran Movie Download in Filmywap 1080p: Satish and his friend, who has dropped out of engineering college, expose the illegal activities of Devraj, a corrupt minister. After a student commits suicide, the two use technology to seek revenge.

HRD Minister Devaraj (Super Subbarayan) suspends many engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu for apparently not following the guidelines of the government, claiming that these colleges are not producing quality engineers.

While it may seem like a right move, the minister actually uses his office to extort money from the college managements.

Ivan Thanthiran Movie Download in Filmywap

Sakthi, who was installing the CCTV cameras at the minister’s house when Devaraj made this announcement to the press, criticises him, which is heard by minister’s brother-in-law.

Ivan Thanthiran is not for everybody, it is more or less targeted at the burgeoning student community in Tamil Nadu, who love one-liners, memes and are glued to their smart phones.

Kannan also throws light at the private engineering college business in Tamil Nadu, a cesspool of corruption due to the nexus between the money minded management and corrupt politicians.

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Sakthi (Gautham Karthik) and his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) are engineering dropouts and are now reverse engineers, who run their own electronic shop at Ritchie Street in Chennai.

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One day they are called to fix CCTV cameras at a Union HRD Minister Devaraj’s (Super Subbarayan) house, but they are not paid for it. And when they ask for payment they run into trouble with the minister’s brother-in-law (Stunt Silva) who insults them and steals their bike.

Sakthi vows to take revenge against the minister and soon is unwittingly drawn into a situation where an engineering student commits suicide due to the corrupt system.

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The rest of the film is all about how Shakti smartly uses technology to bring down the corrupt empire of the minister.

For those who like RJ Balaji’s brand of humour and his ability to mock and lampoon, the film is plenty tickling.

As a result, the minister refuses to pay Sakthi’s fee, which is Rs 23,000. Sakthi won’t let it slide, he visits the minister’s house every day for the money, until one day he is insulted by the minister’s brother-in-law in front of everyone. He vows to make the minister pay for everything.

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He decides to anonymously expose the minister’s dealings with the engineering college managements. He uses all the resources at his disposal to pull it off.

On the downside, the film’s story is thin, and in the end, the hero doesn’t outshine the villain in a very convincing way.

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The romantic scenes with Shraddha Srinath aren’t carved well, and are out like a sore throat. The romance is a bit dull, especially the scene where the heroine attends a major job interview in a romantic bliss.

He has all the fancy toys, like a micro-GPS tracker that could be installed in a 100 rupees note, bug camera and other cool spy gadgets that we can find at Batman’s safehouse or at the workshop of British intelligence.