Why Leena Manimekalai's Movie Poster Featuring The Goddess Kaali Is Being Criticised?

Jul 05, 2022 Film News

Why Leena Manimekalai’s Movie Poster Featuring The Goddess Kaali Is Being Criticised?

The Uttar Pradesh Police and the Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Operations (IFSO) department have filed FIRs against director Leena Manimekalai for allegedly infringing on religious emotions with her representation of Goddess Kaali in her film ‘Kaali.’

According to the UP Police, she has been charged with criminal conspiracy, offence in a place of worship, intentionally injuring religious sensibilities, and intending to cause a breach of peace.

Kaali was directed by Toronto-based Leena Manimekalai, who revealed the documentary’s official poster last week. A lady costumed as the Hindu deity is pictured smoking a cigarette in the poster, with a pride flag in the backdrop.

The Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Unit filed a FIR under Indian Penal Code Sections 153 A (promoting enmity between groups) and 295 A (inciting religious sentiments) (IPC).

“Accused (Leena) released a poster of alleged documentary in which she shows Goddess Kali in the disrespectful and insulting manner, accused released a poster of Goddess Kali in which she is enjoying smoking,” the members wrote in their complaint. “The complainant and other office-bearers were astonished after seeing this widespread poster on social media,” according to the lawsuit.